Let's Tell You About Crystals

This conversation all start with a friend of mine, who was not a sceptic, but needed convincing to why he should carry around a rock in his pocket.  Now to be honest, I am still unsure where he sits with these beauties - but its a challenge I'll take on! So I began to blurt out a lot of the following! 
Firstly, in a scientific manner crystals are the formed in nature when liquids cool, heat is applied or sometimes pressure; to become a hardened form This is simply when molecules from the earth gather to become stable. They are a gathering of many minerals found in our ground, simply these 'rocks' are A LOT of minerals formed into one to become this pretty state. 
So... you take your daily vitamins and minerals right? Whether orally or applied tropically, and if you're an essential oil user this can be through your defuser too! I wonder if you can tell me the difference to holding your minerals too and absorbing the benefits.. It works! 
See, in an energy sense, by holding or placing crystals on or around your body, or space; this can create a positive state for you. Crystals promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing - simply whatever healing you are looking for. All crystals interact positively, never negatively, on your body's energy field or specific chakras. 
What is an energy field? It is essential your field of protection around that is produced by electric charges. It works at the speed of light and interacts with other energy fields around you. So you interact with everything with actually knowing! But this means that your crystal energies can start working with you straight away and constantly! How wicked is that! 
But what is this other thing, your chakras. These are different spinning wheel-like energy forces that everyone has in their body, with each meaning something different and working with different functions in the body. So yes, you can get specific crystals to work with specific functions of your body! DAMN! 
It's natural, pain free, and easy if you ask me! But just a little insight in to my understanding of how crystals work and why they work AND why you should use them, right?! haha! 
Love and broomsticks, 
Paige xo 

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