A Little Bit About Essential Oils

Okay, so why do we deal with Young Living. I personally was drawn to Young Living because they are 100% pure and therapeutic grade certified oils and the range of oils that they are able to offer is HUGE. Not only do they work with essential oils, but they are also innovative and working through for your cosmetic products, chemical free cleaning, and supplements - all with essential oils! 

A lot of you would have experienced essential oils, potentially through different beauty treatments, or perhaps you've smelt them in a room that you have walked in at a friends, or retailers store. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, and introducing a lot of people into an alternative way of treating their symptoms. The purest essential oil is a far more effective than any kind of dried herbs, as they offer quick and effective results; which I have personally found. That pure essence of the botanicals that can either be diffused inhaled applied topically, or even used with massage is just outstanding!

Essential oils can be used to clean up, and support our systems in the body. They can also be used as a supplement to target specific solutions that are needed, so that we are be able to restore  balance and be able to live our best life. It also is important in purifying your home and living a fragrance free life. All those harsh chemicals that you breathe in, can compromise a lot of body system, cause inflammation and encourage toxicities throughout the body.

Not only that but there's also the spiritual awareness behind the oils being able to apply them while you're meditating, or being able to diffuse them in an office to empower your qualities, and even being able to use them as perfume for your aroma and going about your everyday life more enlightened!

Young Living do pride themselves on their Seed to Seal brand. As they have a very vigorous quality control standard to make sure that we are able to get the purest oils. There are three pillars to the seed to seal process, which is the sourcing, the science, and in their standards. As a leader in essential oils, they back themselves in being able to improve their processes to protect our planet as well. And in giving us the best aroma and quality we possibly can have. For me it is being able to really reduce that chemical load, being able to live fragrance free, being able to live chemical free, and really being able to live your best life by using essential oils. They draw out all your qualities, they really enhance what you already have and the education behind being able to create blends specific for your needs is empowering.

Essential oils are more than just that nice smell they are a powerful plant for you to be able to discover what you need - what you may need more of - what you need to really solve. So that you can live this life in harmony.

Feel free to contact me for more information! 

Love and smelly things, 

Paige xo

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