Sarah's Story

Health has many meanings for people, and as a trained midwife I believed that this was covered by the definition in any number of text books and literature.

But my understanding of health was recently ‘rebooted’ when my husband of 23 years (at the time of diagnosis) was diagnosed with having a tumour the size of a golf ball on his pituitary gland.

The functions of the pituitary gland are vast and far reaching, producing and regulating every single hormone produced in the body, and this tumour has rendered his non functioning.

It took 8 years to obtain this diagnosis, after being consistently told following investigative appointments with our G.P that tests had returned ‘normal’.

Of course these days we all have on-line access to our health records and test results, but that wasn’t the case 8 years ago.

We simply plodded on, managing to continue with our lives and suffer in silence (mostly…).

As a result of not being able to access the help he needed the tumour continued to grow to the present day size, and our lives were affected greatly.

My once active husbands energy levels, weight, sight, and temperament continued to be affected by a mysterious illness, but we continued to soldier on.

Finally I pushed for him to attend a men’s wellness clinic where he was listened to by a different G.P. Further investigations and eventually an MRI scan were done, finally an endocrinologist appointment was made.

Past blood work results were explained to us and showed some had returned just one point above the threshold of normality , and in fact should have been investigated further.

The realisation that he actually had a condition weirdly induced a feeling of elation…. The relief was palpable in our household.

But when I think about it now, it occurs that this was actually really sad!

Nobody knows your body better than you do.

Nobody better knows the intimate details that you experience in your life.

So why then is this not taken into consideration by some health professionals?

Going through such a life altering health crisis at my husbands side means that I now think that fundamentally, one of the first steps to good health is being respectfully heard, and this is what we at Neuro Touch strive to do.

We aim to listen to your concerns and empower you by welcoming you into a judgement free, and relaxing environment, where your privacy is always paramount.

We provide pain free, non invasive treatments to help you find solutions to your health concerns.

We offer supplementary nutrients, essential oils and information about other therapies to support you on your journey to optimal health.

We even offer online training so that you can learn how to help heal your own body.

If you would like to know more about what Neuro Touch can offer to empower you, please don’t hesitate to contact me or another member of our Team! 

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