Who is Neuro Harmony

I am Paige West owner of Neuro Harmony. I'm also owner of Neuro Touch which is how this harmony page came about... 
Through all my studies and training in working with clients, I ended up finding more ways to be able to treat and give clients alternatives to be able to live their best life. I ended up stumbling upon crystals and using them in my own life, as well as using them with my family's as well. Sometimes they didn't quite have a choice!
From here, my obsession, you could say started to grow. I had lots of crystals for myself and was constantly nervous about having them in the office and whether to bring them forward with clients as well. As Neuro Touch was built on strictly science based practises. 
BUT with the way my father reacted, who you could say was quite a skeptic - He ended up having a crystal to help was his nightmares, and then it went on to him asking for one's for his stomach, for his nerves, for his breathing and for his mind set as well. All place with him in this pillow that we called the crystal pillow, and you'd love it! We would just shake each pillow and the loud one, that's how you knew you had the right pillow. He constantly had this on him all the time. And I do believe that gave him a sense of harmony when sometimes he couldn't quite find it.
So it was from here that I thought I could convince one skeptic - Why couldn't I convince a couple more that crystals were the way to go. I ended up bringing in what crystals I had into my office, and then from there I ended up with maybe only three of my own out of the 12 that I had because of the ones I kept passing on. And from here it just grew, I grew my stock. I grew clients behind me wanting crystals, and I guess, converting to the use of crystals as well.
It was from here that with a little bit of my dad in the background, again, that I started using essential oils. I was a little bit more behind the ball here, as dad used them quite often and it wasn't until a couple months after he passed away that I started using these.
I'm really drawn to them in the due to the fact that they are 100% pure and therapeutic grade so there's no nasties in them. I love that you can use them for specific blends, I use them with my skincare products, I use them to defuse in my office to create a good space for people to walk into too! It is just a product that you can almost apply to everything in your life and it just gives you that chemical free feeling as well.
So I created this page/store mainly for people to have easier access to the crystals and oils that I believe should be used in your life. AND so I can share my little tricks and a couple secrets along the way! There are lots pretty rocks, and lots of lovely smells - I promise. 
I thought I could make it easier by creating quizzes so that you knew exactly what you needed to purchase. This is a moral of mine, only selling you and recommending things that you actually need.
So enjoy this page, have a browse and I look forward to hearing from you - f you wish to know more or have a chat! 
Lots of Love and Broomsticks, 

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