It's all rocks and wonderful smells, and it really does flippen rock - am I right? 

But in all seriousness crystals are absolutely amazing energies to keep in your home, on you and in your products! I personally found so many benefits that I thought why not share them with you all! Dad, Stubby West, that you would have heard about through Neuro Touch - he even used them! Although without the knowledge of knowing what it was meant to help him with. It started with his nightmares, building up to him asking what he could have for his stomach, breathing, nervousness and MORE! We had a pillow filled of these 'rocks' that he had with him constantly. The Crystal Pillow. 

So if I could get one sceptic on board - why was I scared to share my knowledge and treasures with everyone else? So here is my own collection of hand picked crystals that I promise to refrain from throwing at you to use haha! BUT there is more! One step into something, continued to lead me elsewhere.

Essential oils. More specifically Young Living oils - 100% pure therapeutic grade. Dad got me into these, it just took me awhile to catch onto what he was using. It wasn't until after he past away that I really found the benefits and investigated further. Yes I am talking about the smelly (usually good) liquid that many people talk about. Did you know all the benefits and uses though? The blends you can have specifically for you? Well engage more and I promise to share a secret or two! 



See we all have this ability to live our best lives - but not all of us have the tools to do so. So you have me and the DAMN BEAUTIFUL ROCKS and GREAT SMELLING LIQUIDS I share with you


Much love and broomsticks,