The Body Talk System Integrated to Neuro Touch
BodyTalk System was developed in the 1990s by Dr. John Veltheim, an Australian chiropractor, acupuncturist, and teacher. A holistic therapy grounded in the belief that living organisms have the capability to heal themselves more effectively than any technology. It combines elements of both Eastern and Western medicine to facilitate personal healing and growth. Is sometimes described as acupuncture without needles, purports to listen to the body, engage its ability to heal itself, and enhance communication between bodily systems. Body Talk considers emotional, physical, and environmental influences in order to address the underlying cause of conditions, and using various techniques to activate the brain, restructure the body’s energetic patterns, and promote healing from within. We seek to discover which parts of the body’s “electrical system” are malfunctioning by making contact with specific points across the body, using hands to “make repairs.” By incorporating tapping, breathing, and other forms of touch to stimulate the brain to employ natural healing processes. By working through the principals of Ask, Communicate and Balance, we can address the causes and eliminate symptoms.
The body has innate wisdom to heal itself at multiple levels, and tell us what is going wrong. Lets Listen!
There was always the presumption that we have to repair, fix, mirror or disguise what is going on in the body. The new focus in this generation is that we need to reset, restore, reestablish what was once there to reconfigure the communication system of the mind and body! Poor health occurs when the communication systems and energy linkages necessary for innate wisdom to function optimally are compromised.

How does this expand Neuro Touch's services?

By incorporating the Body Talk System we are able to expand our knowledge and work with the body's best response on when to treat all conditions in exactly the right sequence necessary to reestablish a dynamic system specific to your mind and body. We treat in priority so that the body does not go through a healing crisis, where presumptions in corrections or treatment courses has caused a healing in an area when missing the system before to establish optimal healing and functioning. Again using Applied Kinesiology knows that if we test any muscle in our body and then challenge the body in a way that affects the body, the muscle when tested will be weaker for a short period of time. Linking weaknesses to restore overall communication in the body. We find where the issue is and then what to link the ‘weakness’ to, touch other areas to work out where exactly the linkage needs to be to restore optimisation in the weakened ‘weakness’. Tap at the head and the sternum. Through this system we have begun incorporating tapping of the sternum also, not just the head. Why? Tapping the head only achieves so much, but locating areas of weakness will set up a chain of events to balance and repair the system. When you use the heart (sternum) with the head, we are asking the heart to store and synthesise the correction needed to reset your mind, brain and body.

Body Communication