Our success rates are coming from a client base of over 1,700 since 2017. We do pride ourselves in our own qualifications and knowledge that if at any point we feel that we cannot help you any further than what we have - we do tell you. We hold respect and honesty to the highest level within our treatment sessions, and take you on both professionally and personally.
Not only do we build on our own expertise daily, but we reach out to others too. If we find we cannot help you further, we will find who or what can. We are always here for you and your health and wellbeing
Fertility 94%
Whether this is working with you through natural pregnancies, assisting with fertility treatments or preparing the body to try to have a baby. We can work with your hormones and fertility rates to improve your ability to carry a healthy baby and look after your health too. 
Digestive Issues 89%
Working with your body systems as a whole to assist in eliminating stomach pains, nutritional absorptions, bowel issues, metabolism, and detoxing improvements. Through old viral affects, inflammations and general aches. 
Mental Health 91%
Anything that doesn't feel normal to you for your mind, we can help. Panic attacks, depression, anxiety and more! Working with you for your best mental abilities, with your hormones and cortical corrections to integrate the best thought processing for you 
Immunity 85%
Working with your Immune System, Digestive System and DNA to integrate together. This is so we can work with Cancer, Autoimmune disorders, illness - short term or chronic. 
Chronic Pain 83%
Whether you know how the pain began or it appeared out of no where - we can work out what is happening and solve the underlying issue to eliminate your pain and improve your strength. 
Animal Issues 83%
Whether you have a big animal or small; cats, dogs or horses. We work with your babies and furr babies too! A treatment protocol that is applicable to all animals to assist in their general wellbeing and health 
Chronic Fatigue 87%
If it lasts more than 3 days, thats chronic to me! Fatigue can be found through underlying causes in the gut, sleep, developmental, learning (even through adults) and so much more!

Neuro Health Successes