For You, For Friends, For Family - For Financial Support

The details on this page are exclusive to people who are struggling with their health and need help now, but may not be able to financially get there. This is a part of Neuro Touch where we give back, we share a little more on how we can help and a space where you can 'nominate' for special consideration. We want to help you to help your brain - and your wallet shouldn't stop this 


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Through the struggles with Motor Neurone Disease, our community, family and friends went above and beyond to help and support our family in more ways than I can explain. Dad lived with the disease for over 5 years (4 years diagnosed) before he passed away in June 2019. He is the reason I built Neuro Touch and is still the legacy that lives in everything we do to help people around us and you.
After his passing I wanted to continue similar support to other families around us. Over the years we sent $1,000s to families, given $1,000s in treatment support and more. 
BUT this page is an extension, that was added in 2022, of what support we other. We often send off quotes to the likes of ACC and the DHB to get approval for treatments. Unfortunately we are not a listed service provider but 75% of the time funding does come through. For those that don't either miss out on treatment or struggle to afford it. We have decided to offer 15% off treatments to those on ACC or under services within the DHB for health debilitating illness, injury and/or disease. We know from personal experience how much financial burdens can cause ongoing issues that you shouldn't be thinking about while you are trying to heal, recover or fight something! 
If this is not you or the person you are wanting to receive treatment, you can nominate them for financial support through here
We want to help you to help your brain to live a better healthy life!  


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