Neurological Treatments & Integration Systems

Our Neurological Treatments utilise the Allan Phillips system of Neurological Integration Systems and Anthony Hilkem with Dural Tissue Therapy.
Using these systems allows us to assist the body and brain in way by locating, assessing and healing the damage that has been done, to reduce pain and dysfunction. The brain controls the optimum functioning of all the body's glands, brain engines and cortices, muscles and more! The brain holds multiple circuits throughout the body, constantly sending messages back and forth to every cell, tendon, muscle, gland and organ. Disconnection, interference or/and broken pathways/circuits, can be caused by stress to the body and brain, resulting in structural, physical, pathological, neurological, hormonal and emotional symptoms.
We clear many different types of complaints:
Structural (spinal, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints)
Physical (immune, allergies, asthma, digestive, respiratory, heart, chronic)
Pathological (infections, viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoan)
Neurological (trauma, ADD/ADHA, learning disabilities)
Hormonal (depression, fertility, female health)
Emotional (anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, mental health).

Please understand this is a minimal list of all the complaints that can be present within the body and brain.

We work on your tissue, ligaments, pelvis, spinal column, nerves to improve flexibility and performance.

Treatment is conducted through a series of protocols (like a checklist), in which we can determine within the brain and the body to assess where there is a breakdown. This is done by making contact with multiple points along the body to trigger a specific pathway. A muscle test, usually with the arm, determines when the brain is in full control and when a break down has occurred. The arm acts as an indicator to determine whether confusion is associated with any body/brain system.

By working with your dural tissue, which is the membrane made of dense connective tissue that surrounds the brain and spinal cord. It’s there to protect the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Damage done to dural tissue can lead to chronic pain and restriction in Range of Motion (ROM). This can cause compensation in different areas of the body. Where perhaps your once ‘good knee’ is now your ‘bad one’, is due to compensation.
How Does It Work?
Due to the brain and body being unique to each and every individual, a treatment plan can not be established until an initial treatment has taken place. Each person's treatment plan will not be the same as another's. We all have a different variety of symptoms, we all have our own blueprint to our bodies and we all have our own unique brain, just for us!

In saying this, treatments usually run in a sequence explained below:
The first 4 treatments are 14 - 21 day space between each session. Sessions after the initial consults treatments are fortnightly. When we find only five to seven pathways being reintegrated we move to 3-weekly/monthly treatments until both the practitioner and you are happy to have 6-weekly to 2 monthly maintenance treatments. Plans are conducted based on the treatment findings and/or specific traumas or complaints that are being reintegrated.

Neuro Touch answers those questions you may have regarding health issues that cannot, and will not, be accepted. Real causes are addressed and results achieved! Our body and brain should be working at 100%, why settle for 99% and have to deal with those niggly frustrations, or constant problems when they can be corrected today? NIS treatment approach is very non-invasive, stress and pain-free, making it suitable for people of all ages and abilities; from a newborn baby to the very aged. Therefore, treatment is suitable for the whole family.