This is Stubby West - Paige's Dad. And Why is this man so special?
Stubby was Diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) in 2017. What is MND? It is an uncommon condition that affects the brain and nerves. It causes weakness that gets worse over time. There's no cure for MND, it's as if you are watching a person go backwards - not being able to walk, to talk, to move alone and eventually to not breathe or keep their own heart beating. It is terminal.

Stubby was a stubborn man, who was determined to find a way to extend the 2 year sentence he was given. From eating strange diets, to colour therapy, neurophysic clinics and neuro treatments - he tried it all. NIS (Neurological Integration System) treatments was one these. This is where a practitioner works with the neural pathways in your brain and body to optimise functioning. A treatment that begun with Stubby going along, and coming home feeling better in himself. When I first asked about this, I got told the practitioner touch areas of his body and he came home feeling great - you can imagine my facials. I wanted to suss this out! After struggling with my own health issues I was very interested (and maybe slightly concerned) by this treatment. After two sessions I was hooked! Still studying my Bachelor of Health Science Degree I decided to start studying this 'touchy touchy, tappy tappy' treatment too. And Dad of course loved it! Treatment whenever he wanted. I received my Masters in NIS in 2018, the same year dad had to leave his job due to losing his voice and finding difficulty in walking. But he still loved his treatments to help his mindset and reduce his pain. Unfortunately, in the end this is all that I could do. Dad passed away in June of 2019...

What was an absolutely hideous, cruel disease and took my Dad away at the age of 50 - gave me Neuro Touch. Dad's legacy continues. It was his strength that gives me the motivation and courage to continuing studying and finding the best methods to assist people through their health journey's. I have studied multiple methods, systems and treatments since 2018 and have grown a protocol in which we use to treat clients in Neuro Touch today... BUT we do more. Every 6 months Neuro Touch gives back to a family that is in need. You see... during our struggles with MND, caring for Dad and attempting to continue with life, our community came together to support us in more ways than we could imagine! So now. We give back at Neuro Touch. To families that are struggling with illnesses and need financial support that is not given. Every 6 months we give to a family that needs help.
From 2019 - 2021 we have donated to 3 families in need and given $1,500!
These families have been sufferers of MND themselves, Lung Disease restricting travel and Cancer. We have helped with treatments, family holidays and general household costs through our 'give back'.

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Nominate a family that may require financial assistance, or simple needs to money to give some joy in a sometimes cruel world. From October 2021, we will give back every 3 months to those who need it. And you can help us! Simply click the button below to get in contact to nominate a family or person, or do the same to add to our donations.
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