Our Practitioners

Paige West | Owner & Practitioner
NIS Practitioner | Health + Lifestyle Coach | Dural Therapy Practitioner | Emotion Code Practitioner | BHSc Rehab + Psych | Sc Nutrition Advancement | Trainee Aromatherapist

Hey! I am Paige West, Owner and Practitioner of Neuro Touch in Te Awamutu and Coromandel. I created Neuro Touch in 2016, with our practise becoming a full tie job in 2017! This all began with my Dad’s battle with MND and my own suffering of issues from about the age of 11. I was and still am finding medicines and treatments to better my lifestyle and eliminate my issues. Through this I have achieved multiple qualifications, with on-going knowledge always building! But what you need to know is that I am here for you, to care for you and create an adventure with you through treatments and lifestyle adjustments, so that you can live your best life! I pride myself in the fact that all treatments and supplements in Neuro Touch are tried and tested by myself first. I will never recommended something you don’t need, I promise to always be honest and I will help you to live the best life that you possibly can! It’s possible to feel like you again.
Julie McCowatt | Practitioner
Emotion Code Practitioner | Body Code Practitioner

I am your Energy Treatment Practitioner, the one that can tell you where you have trapped interferences and clear them all at the same time! I became apart of Neuro Touch when assisting Paige after her Dad passed away. Being an accounts manager for many years, you can imagine my surprise when I found this new talent that Paige has helped bring to light. My first goal in Neuro Touch was to help Paige with clients and learn new tricks as I went along. Now? I am the Energy Treatment go - to for Neuro Touch! And I love it because of the wonderful clients we have and how I see them change and grow after every session. It never ceases to amaze me the results our clients are getting and how they share them with me and Neuro Touch. I love how they feel so much lighter and brighter and have a skip in their step - who doesn't want a skip in their step - right!
Sara Millin | Practitioner
NIS Practitioner | BSc Anatomy + Biology | BHSc Medical Imaging | BHSc Nuclear Medicine

I’m Sara, one of the Neurological Treatment Practitioners in Neuro Touch! I meet Paige at the NIS Masters in 2019. Having been around NIS since I was a child, I was surprised when I learnt that I could study this and help people as I had been helped in the past! I have an extensive background in medicine and love that I can specialise in something so niche and helpful to everyone! The reason I am here in Neuro Touch is to help people have understanding of their bodies and to be able to reset the pathways that are causing ill health. We help the brain acknowledge issues and correct them - No bandaid solutions here. Take the time to focus on your health. Don’t take it for granted. Maintenance sessions keep the body in check like a warrant of fitness. When health is not a priority you will eventually be forced to focus on your ill health.
Connie Steel | Practitioner
Neuro Touch Practitioner | Reiki Healer | Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment STD1-3 Q.

Hey, I am Connie, the Neuro Touch Practitioner of Coromandel! I become involved with Neuro Touch in early 2019, attending one of the many workshops Paige held. I am a person who is always intrigued by the different ways we can improve our health. Once convincing Paige to build a practise in the Coromandel, I decided that I wanted to learn more and know more about what exactly Paige does. So! Here I am, the first Neuro Touch Practitioner, working through an alternative system to enable people to regain motivation and control to live their best lives