Our treatments are all off the basis of Neurological Integration Systems Touch, Tap and Muscle Test
Using these systems allows us to assist the body and brain in way by locating, assessing and healing the damage that has been done, to reduce pain and dysfunction. The brain controls the optimum functioning of all the body's glands, brain engines and cortices, muscles and more! The brain holds multiple circuits throughout the body, constantly sending messages back and forth to every cell, tendon, muscle, gland and organ. Disconnection, interference or/and broken pathways/circuits, can be caused by stress to the body and brain, resulting in structural, physical, pathological, neurological, hormonal and emotional symptoms

We Help you to Help Your Brain
Structural (spinal, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints,
Physical (immune, allergies, asthma, digestive, respiratory, heart, chronic),
Pathological (infections, viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoan)
Neurological (trauma, ADD/ADHA, learning disabilities)
Hormonal (depression, fertility, female health)
Emotional (anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, mental health).

Please understand this is a minimal list of all the complaints that can be present within the body and brain.

Treatment is conducted through a series of protocols (like a checklist), in which we can determine within the brain and the body to assess where there is a breakdown. This is done by making contact with multiple points along the body to trigger a specific pathway. A muscle test, usually with the arm, determines when the brain is in full control and when a break down has occurred. The arm acts as an indicator to determine whether confusion is associated with any body/brain system.
Our Energy Treatments with Emotional and Body Clearing are about finding these old energies and releasing them from the body so that you are able to head towards a happier and healthier life. Trapped energies can be epidemic and insidious, an invisible cause of suffering and illness, both physical and psychological, in nature. They can be the cause of organ dysfunction, tissue problems, cause pain, fatigue and illness or disease. Trapped emotions can lower immune systems, block energy flow and prevent normal functioning. Essentially this is, 'energy surgery', together we are searching out the energies with a clear intention of removing them. Removing them to restore function and build positive energy back through the body and brain! Energy interference through the body’s systems and functioning can interfere with all daily functioning, and much like Emotional Clearing, Body Clearing assists in clearing the energies that are interfering with body functioning, mind functioning and overall functioning of you!

BodyTalk System was developed in the 1990s by Dr. John Veltheim, an Australian chiropractor, acupuncturist, and teacher. A holistic therapy grounded in the belief that living organisms have the capability to heal themselves more effectively than any technology. This technique purports to listen to the body, engage its ability to heal itself, and enhance communication between bodily systems. Body Talk considers emotional, physical, and environmental influences in order to address the underlying cause of conditions, and using various techniques to activate the brain, restructure the body’s energetic patterns, and promote healing from within. We seek to discover which parts of the body’s “electrical system” are malfunctioning by making contact with specific points across the body, using hands to “make repairs.” By incorporating tapping, breathing, and other forms of touch to stimulate the brain to employ natural healing processes. There was always the presumption that we have to repair, fix, mirror or disguise what is going on in the body. The new focus in this generation is that we need to reset, restore, reestablish what was once there to reconfigure the communication system of the mind and body!
At Neuro Touch we are incorporating systems, knowledge, wisdom, innate abilities we use Touch, Communicate, balance, and repair. We help you to help your brain. Working through Flinchlocks, while integrating this with our Touch, Tap sequence we can work on releasing the lock and ensuring that the same lock cannot happen again! This Self Defence automatically and independently engages when bone is impacted by surprise. This causes the individual's balance centre to shift to accommodate the perceived extra weight. The bone 'spiral contracts' at the impact site creating a super sensitive over-contractive area. Therefore causing the rest of the body to compensate with a counter- weight to maintain balance. No matter how long ago this may have happened, we can match the pressure and positioning, then using the Flinchlock Release Formula, we can undo the causes of impact. This motion replicates the surprise shock which caused the frozen contraction to set, and all the compensated stress that was/is now occuring in the body. We can reset to normal functional position and pressure of the body. As the perceived pressure drops, the bone SHAPES naturally reposition the bones.

It is through the Premise and Principles of Neurological Systems that we utilise all systems in our knowledge through touch and tap. It is essential that we work with the BRAIN and the PATHWAYS to enable optimal functioning for you.

Innate Neuro Guide