Terms and Conditions

  1. Services 

    1. The services to be provided by NT are set out in the attached schedule A (“the Services”). Any material change to the scope of the Services will be agreed between the parties. 

    1. These terms and conditions are inclusive of all the Services offered by NT.  


  1. Price

    1. The services shall be based on set prices for the treatments. The prices are set out in Schedule B (“the Price”).

    1. Where no price is stated in writing or agreed to verbally the Service shall be deemed to be charged to the Customer at the rate the Service is currently charged out at. 

    1. All variations and alterations to the Service during or before the session shall be binding on the client, including adjustment to the Price. Any instructions to vary of alter the Service will be treated as a variation. 


  1. Payment 

    1. NT may require a customer to make a payment in advance. This payment would be required to be made prior to the customers first session with NT.

    2. If NT may require the customer to pay in advance, payment on the day is required if not arranged prior. If the customer is unable to pay on the day, NT is entitled to charge the customer interest on any unpaid sessions.

    3. If the customer does not make payment within 7 days of the invoice, NT is entitled to charge the customer at an interest rate of 5% every 7 days.

    4. All Clinics outside of the Kihikihi Head Office require payment before or on the day of session. 


  1. Cancellation of Session

    1. The customer may cancel a session scheduled with NT by providing at least 72 hours (7 days for clinics outside of the kihikihi clinic) written notice. If a customer fails to provide 72 hours written notice (7 days for clinics outside of Kihikihi) to NT of their intention to cancel, NT at its sole discretion can charge a cancellation fee of 50% of the treatment fee. 

    2. Should the Customer not show to an appointment, or cancel within 2 hours before with NT, NT is entitled to charge 100% of treatment fee. 
    3. If a customer has outstanding fees or invoices owing, NT is entitled to charge interest, cancelation fees and will cancel all appointments until account is cleared. 
  1. Liability 

    1. In providing the Services under this Agreement, NT shall take reasonable skill and care. NT relies on the accuracy of the information provided by the Customer in completing the Service. 

    2. NT has provided reasonable information on possible side effects which may result for the use of the Services outlined  in Schedule C (“the Treatments”). 

    3. Customer is liable for cost of treatments, and/or cancelation fees


  1. General Terms 

    1. At the completion of the Service, the Customer will receive ongoing phone and text support from NT.  The extent of the phone and text support provided by NT will be at the sole discretion of NT.


  1. Dispute Resolution 

    1. In the event of a dispute arising out of the contract between NT and the client, either party may give written notice no later than 14 days following the event/s giving rise to the dispute, to the other party specifying the nature of the dispute or disagreement, the remedy sought and requiring that dispute to be settled in accordance with this clause. 

    1. On receipt of the notice, the parties shall each appoint a representative who has authority to determine the dispute, and those two representatives shall meet as soon as reasonably possible to see if they can resolve the dispute. All discussions, meetings and correspondence between the two representatives shall be deemed without prejudice and without concession of liability and shall not be used by either party in any later proceedings unless both parties agree or agreement is reached but one party fails to honour the agreement. 

    1. If the two representatives cannot reach agreement within 45 days of being appointed, either party may refer the dispute to mediation or file proceedings in Court.


  1. Privacy Act 1993

    1. The contract involves the collection of personal information of the customer in order to evaluate and track the customers progress. The customer has rights to access this information under the Privacy Act 1993. 


I have read and understood these terms and conditions, by opening this link I am agreeing to all the terms and conditions outlined. Upon booking any appointment with Neuro Touch I am agreeing to all sections of this agreement. I understand that no signature is required by myself, that these terms and conditions are easily accessed for I to understand and agree


Schedule A – The Service

Neurological Integration System and Dural Tissue Therapy works with the brain and the communication signalling circuits throughout the body, brain and mind. This is to ensure that all body systems, cranial nerves, glands, DNA, and brain areas are all optimised for the body to have no complaints or symptoms.  

Emotion Clearing works to release negative trapped emotions from the past to enable clearing of relevant symptoms and complaints. Building support and elevating emotional health. 

Health and Lifestyle coaching sessions and workshops are available for client who want to take more back to apply in their every day life. 


Schedule B – Prices

Neurological Treatments *discounted training prices, check your practitioner*: 

1.5hr: $175

1hr: $125 

45min: $95

30min: $65  

Energy treatments: 

1 hr: $99 

45min: $85 

30min: $50


*please note for all clinics outside of Kihikihi, a travel fee of $7 - $15 will be added onto your invoice at Neuro Touch discretion, should you have any concerns please contact paige@neurotouch.co.nz directly* 


Neuro Tools: 

Coaching + Workshops 

Price confirmed between NT and Client 


Schedule C – The Treatments

Neurological Integration System / Dural Tissue Therapy

  • That this is a treatment working with the brain and the communication pathways;

  • That after treatment I may feel tired and experience headaches for a short period of time; 

  • That this is my brain and body working together to reach my optimal potential; 

  • That NIS addresses the underlying causes to provide long term sustainable results and an initial plan will be discussed after my first treatment, along with regular care maintenance; and 

  • That this treatment is unique and addresses the specific needs and physiological tolerances I have. 

Emotion/Body Clearing

  • That this is a treatment working with the brain and body to release trapped emotions; 

  • That after the treatment the customer may suffer from low energy for a short period; 

  • That this is the customers brain and body healing from past traumas/situations/events that the customers body has forgotten; 

  • That the time for healing cannot be calculated; and 

  • That this treatment is unique and addresses the specific needs that the customers subconscious is asking for. 

Coaching + Workshops 

  • These are teachings by Paige West to give you tools to apply in your health and lifestyle. 

  • Resources are not to be copied and past on. Knowledge of learnings can be.

  • The success of coaching and workshops is shared between Paige and the Client. 


Last update July 2022*