Global Enzyme Livaform - 100 tablets

Global Enzyme Livaform - 100 tablets

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Livaform is formulated to provide broad spectrum liver support. Lipotropic factors are provided to support fat and cholesterol metabolism. This products includes coenzymes components that support broaded liver detoxification, digestive enzyme, bile duct and kidney functions. Livaform also supplies a significant quantity of vitamin A. 


Important for: 

Fatty Liver 

Cholesterol imbalances 

Poor digestion of fats 


Liver Congestion 



Vitamin A  2250IU 

Vitamin B12 20mcg 

Iron   0.4mg 

Liver nucleic acids and peptides 188mg 

Choline 80mg 

Kidney nucleic acids and peptides 80mg 

Brain nucleic acids and peptides 26.4mg 

Pancreas nucleic aicds and peptides 20mg 

Betaine HCL 16.5mg 

Alfafa Base 15mg 

Inositol 14mg 

Dehydrocholic Acid 11mg 

Deoxycholic Acid 3mg 


*Consult your healthcare professional before consuming, not made to cure*