• We help people live their best lives

  • We work with your brain's communication channels to treat your physical and emotional health, so you can live your best life.

We help people live their best lives

We work with your brain's communication channels to treat your physical and emotional health, so you can live your best life. Meet our team

Neuro Touch is your Health and Wellness Space

We are a health and wellness clinic that allows clients who are looking for answers and solutions to take control of their health adventure in a time where everything may feel lost.

Giving Back To MND - Our Story

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) has taken far too much from our family, but we have also grown from having it in our lives. This is why it’s important that we give back.
Our Story


Are you a person who wants to regain motivation and take back control of your life? Well, you have come to the right place to start your adventure in eliminating daily issues! Working with the very young to the (very old) elderly we love! We take a non-invasive, pain-free, approach to reset, renew so you can take back control of your health!


Through treatments working specifically with your brain and subconscious control, we solve the underlying issues so that you no longer have to suffer from them! From digestive issues to infertility, to mental health issues and aches and pains. We are the place for you. We help you to integrate change to live your life


Not only do you give back to suffers of Motor Neurone Disease, or a family in need, with any treatment to book. But you can take back your healthy control of you and your family again! We know, as practitioners, that it takes understanding and empowerment to regain the motivation necessary to live the life you want to live! 

Neuro Touch Sucess Rates with main Complaints

Fertility - 90%

Whether this be working with natural pregnancies, assisting with fertility treatments or preparing the body to try to have a baby. We can work with your hormones and fertility rates to improve your ability to carry a healthy baby and look after your health too. 

Digestion - 88%

Working with your body systems as a whole to assist in eliminating stomach pains, nutritional absorptions, bowel issues, metabolism, and detoxing improvements. Through old viral affects, inflammations and general aches. 

Mental Health - 87%

Anything that doesn't feel normal to you for your mind, we can help. Panic attacks, depression, anxiety and more! Working with you for your best mental abilities, with your hormones and cortical corrections to integrate the best thought processing for you

Immunity - 84%

Working with your Immune System, Digestive System and DNA to integrate together. This is so we can work with Cancer, Autoimmune disorders, illness - short term or chronic. 

Chronic Pain + Injury - 83%

Whether you know how the pain began or it appeared out of no where - we can work out what is happening and solve the underlying issue to eliminate your pain and improve your strength. 

Animals - 79%

Whether you have a big animal or small; cats, dogs or horses. We work with your babies and furr babies too! A treatment protocol that is applicable to all animals to assist in their general wellbeing and health 


I feel so light. It's like a weight has been lifted. My emotional clearing sessions blew my mind.

Most interesting and amazing experience. Paige is truly talented. Highly recommend, especially for those who sit at desks or study all day, you will be amazed at the results.

After my son's first visit, he was noticeably better. After the second visit, he was back to his normal self. 

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