"Let the natural healing powers of crystals and essential oils aid you in your health
journey and inspire your self-care practice"
Its a shop for all your crystal and essential oil needs - mainly, with some supplements thrown in the mix too! So why a shop for neurological treatments? Well... FUN FACTS TIME

1. It takes 22 seconds for the essential oil aroma to reach and work on the neuro pathways in the brain
2. In 22 minutes the aroma of an essential oil is working on every cell in the body
3. All our supplements contain amino acids or forms to support the digestion of that particular mineral or vitamin. No point having a supplement if you can't digest it!
4. Crystals are formed form minerals and our body absorb the energies from these minerals.
5. The center of the earth was once thought to be a single, 1,500-mile-wide iron crystal. Seismic studies now show that the inner core is not a single solid but perhaps an aggregate of smaller crystals.