My Endometriosis Story Updated

This blog started because a client informed me my last blog on Endometriosis was out of date - so here is the update! 
So this is the story about endometriosis, fertility, and an update to my life since March 1, 2020. To recap... I had always lived a fairly good healthy, alternative life thanks to my mum. But University made sticking to diets and doing well a little harder - or so I used this as an excuse. It was in 2018 when I moved back to Te Awamutu that I really started to clean up my life. My fertility levels were sitting at that of a 39 year old, not good when I was only 22. I stopped dyeing my hair, I came off all my medications, I lived by doing Intermittent Fasting and a Keto based diet, and I worked out most days. At the time of writing my first blog on endometriosis  you can read near the end that I had removed all contraceptions, to better my reproductive and hormonal health. I did note
"BACK THE BUS UP! Not to have children, but to allow my body to regulate normally, to do what it is meant to do. And be able to heal myself without any interference." 
Which, if you have been following Neuro Touch awhile, it is ironic as 14 months later we found out we were expecting our first baby - Noah. So what did I do in those 14 months? Much the same as what I had / have been doing. I began running again mid 2020, which caused me to lose my period for 6 months. Now my belief is that it was the stress of running that caused this, along with some other factors, but it was running that tipped my body over the edge. So deciding to have a baby in November 2020 was the easiest part, I needed a cycle, a healthy one to be exact. This decision was not one that came easily, but a trip to the gynaecologist was a push to whether we tried ourselves, or spent thousands of dollars later on. My gynaecologist refused to see us again at the surgery rooms and only at Fertility Associates. Now to say I am stubborn and like to prove people wrong, could be an understatement haha! 
We gave ourselves X amount of time to see if I could bring my cycle back, to regulate and ovulate, and eventually conceive a baby.  In February 2021, I had a cycle. In April 2021, my cycle included ovulation - which had not happened in many months! How is your Maths going? 
May 2021 we found out that we were expecting and due in January 2022. Now I am forever blessed and grateful that we were able to have a baby in a natural way how we wanted. But pregnancy was certainly not kind to my body, nor did my body handle it well - this is a story for another time! Fast forward to Noah being 5 months old, still breastfeeding (and doing well with this) and I am back at the gynaecologist with every symptom I have every had reclaiming my life. Not in the same pain frequencies as previous, but certainly back. A couple of questions, and up date of bloods with a scan showed some sign of Endometriosis. Another laparoscopic surgery was discussed (by my gynaecologist), but knowing that we wanted another baby (for Noah's benefit haha), AND I didn't want more scar tissue nor did I want to deal with healing from a surgery... We decided to wait. Which was a good move!
In August 2022 I was in for a small bowel 'surgery', in relation to endometriosis and pregnancy issues. Every bowel issue that I had prior to having Noah had returned, and I was convinced the endo was having fun twisting it around! The endo surgery would have been in August in conjunction to this one, my cycle had returned the month prior... 
Now this time Lachie did call "Bullshit" to Noah's shirt that said "Big Bro". You can understand how not only did conceiving Noah shock us, but after 3 months of 'trying', Baby B was due for May 2023. Now understand, since the age of 19 we were told to have children, that if we waited we would have years of fertility struggles. We would most likely suffer both financially and mentally. Again, I cannot express how thankful and grateful I am we were never to face this. BUT I do know that I put work in, I changed my lifestyle patterns, I reset my body more times than I can count, I went through painful scar tissue healing, and so much more. I worked hard with my body and mind to prove to my doctors that we could do it, that we would have babies, that my body would be able to do it. 
I hope that sharing this update, gives you hope, reignites a spark or keeps one going to not give up! I worked hard for nearly 4 years on my body, to be able to conceive one baby in six months, and another in three. I love to help people, I love to give people what they are wanting in life - whether this is a baby or something else. Neuro Touch is here for all people - as stumbling into this profession helped me in more ways than I can count!  


Giving love, kindness (and some baby dust if you need) 
Paige (+ Noah + Baby B) 

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