What could be causing your gut issues?

Now, if you are a client of mine you would know that poo / bowel / toilet chat is not my favourite topic. I ask you what needs to be asked and move on! But it is one of those things that is a good indiction to whether your gut is healthy and working well - or simply not. There are a lot things that can come up as imbalanced when we are working with bowel issues, so I am going to chat about a few. 
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Let's talk about your gut in general. Issues can arise due to imbalances within the microbiome; your probiotics, and whether you are absorbing your nutrients well. This specific relates to your gut health, whether you can absorb nutrients, whether you are eating well, or if you are needing to supplement in areas. If you notice that you have a fast gut response to food, and find yourself on the toilet fairly quick after food this can be a sign that you are not absorbing nutrients properly. Same can occur after supplements, the body is just flushing the minerals and vitamins straight out. Rather than utilising them and sending them off to the right organs that need those minerals and vitamins. 
We can also look into whether you're able to break down foods properly or the body is just rejecting the foods. This can be a marker for allergies. Sometimes these are caused by DNA damages, by traumas to foods or a direct link to the immune system. Through the way we treat, we are able to work out what intolerances or allergies you have had and find the disconnections throughout the brain and body that is causing these. Once found we can correct the neural circuits and begin reintroducing the foods into the body again. The reason this needs to be done is that the brain may not recognise the food as being in the body or how to break it down, or utilise it. Once the neurological system is aware of what is what, well the food can break down and be used or detox from the body as needed! 
Your hormones have control over your bowl motions also. Simply the hormonal responses are imbalanced causes irregular triggers to the activity of the digestive system. Not only this but if you carry any hormonal disorders such as, endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS or similar, the pressures and hormonal imbalances from these can cause bowel issues. Personally, my bowel becomes distorted through adhesions on the large intestines itself and cyst pressure from my ovaries. These can cause literal restrictions to the areas, and even further, can then cause issues with the Bladder, Kidneys and Liver. But that's a story for another day. 
Any sort of symptom, issues, dysfunction or discomfort through the bowels can often be linked back to inflammation. Inflammation to your body not absorbing nutrients. Inflammation to your body reacting to foods. Inflammation due to illnesses directing impacting the Intestines. Often why many become labelled with IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Now I was one of these people, until I began to listen to my body, treat my body, remove scar tissue, remove DNA damage and more! There is a way to reseting your body, and we are a good first (or fifth) step in your health journey. 
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*please note, information is based of client case studies, education and knowledge from experience - not intended to cure*

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