Health Coaching with Neurological

Your Health is important! It seems like a simple statement but it can be quite complex when you look at what true health may entitle - and are you willing to take this next step to living your best life? 

Behaviour is your medicine
Sleep is your medicine
Nutrition is your medicine
Fitness is your medicine
Supplements are your medicine

I can assist you in enabling these medicines to work for you and your way!

Health to me looks like a good sleep, no overwhelming worries (because we are always going to have something), clear skin, no bloating and happiness. These would be my major indictors of good health - and poor health if I don’t have any. 

Did you know that we may live to 82 or longer! But with ONLY 65 of those years being healthy years, due to disabling diseases and illness that seems to prevail. 65 years of independence, that’s retirement age! Due to lifestyle choices and sometimes choices out of our hands this can cause detriments to our health and LOTS of unhealthy years.

Did you know…

  1. One bad night sleep costs three good ones to catch up
  2. Carbohydrates turn into sugars and are one of the hardest micros to digest
  3. Processed foods are toxic to our systems and causes some cellular damage which cannot be reversed
  4. Cholesterol free… could it be bad for your cholesterol?
  5. It takes 2,500 years to change genetic make up - we still have a ‘caveman’ make up.
  6. Starchy vegetables are those that grow under the ground, it’s not just about potato or kumera
  7. 8% of your brain is made of fat, healthy fats that fuel your neural pathways, these fats that you can find in your foods - omega 3s
  8. High Cortisol (your stress hormone) can increase depression, disturb your sleep patterns, cause diminished responses to medical treatments and inflammation.
  9. 47% of our lives are spent on autopilot, gradually increasing over the decades
  10. Melatonin secretes from 8:30pm - 10am, coffees after 10am, before can affect your sleep

A couple facts,  hints and information to aid you into living your best life

But it is what you do 80% of the time that matters!

Prevention starts now, so what can we do for you to truely enable you living your best life?

Health Coaching can be taken any way you like or need; with multiple services coming out in the next few days we will be encompassing your habits, behaviours, fitness, diet and how we can support you with chronic illness, symptoms and/or diseases.

At Neuro Touch we love to help you to live your best life and this is exactly what adding health coaching to our services will encompass and just complete our support from NIS and Dural to Emotion Clearing and now this, where I will assist you in knowledge, skills tools and confidence to take control of your body and functioning. Overall to improve your wellbeing! 

Health coaching is the missing link, not just in our services but in multiple around the health care community. I won’t just give you a quick fix it, this will be hard work by us both; not going to lie, you more! We will make changes and give you the tools and resources to continue living the life you want to lead. 

I want to encourage and add confidence to your health responsibilities, to enable prevention of health issues and support you 110% along the way! The point here is to minimise stress, live the healthiest life for the healthiest years.

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