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Whether you have literally injured yourself or just moved the wrong way at the wrong time, you are reading this because there is pain somewhere for some reason. Maybe you know why, and maybe you don't?

Neuro Touch treatments can encompass the use of Dura corrections, working with the brain and body through a range of motions and tissue structures in the muscular system. The range of motion from the human body comes from the dura in the brain and the soft tissue structures around it that are used for support. Our movement is influenced and restricted by the neurological system. The nervous system is controlled and protected by the dural tissue that is around every bone structure and muscle nerve. So, to improve and work on the Dura we are simply strengthening the Nervous System overall.

When you have an impact, this compromises the Dural tissue, and sends our body’s into fight and flight so to respond to the impact. Damage does not initially cause pain but can be delayed as the symptoms are more associated with concentric muscle contraction to reduce the movement and prevent signal stimulation to the dura and brain. Concentric contractions are 25 - 35% stronger than Eccentric, but it is the concentric compressive and inflammation that generations pain and chronic inflammatory disorders. Have you ever had an injury and used the she will be right mentality and all of a sudden, the wheels start falling off? If we don’t heal and clear the trauma from our body’s this can be the leading cause of inflammatory issues. Damage creates tissue damage and pain, with the chances of scar tissue and deformation of Dura. It is not only that we need to heal but we need to be able to heal properly and optimally! Otherwise this leads on to more issues as we go forward in our fail motions, literal.


As we get poor healing or deformation of the dura this causes restrictions in the nerves of the muscles and nerves that come off our spinal column to every muscle in the upper and lower limbs! As the nerves are caught up and inflamed, it is harder and slower for them to be able to move appropriately. Also, range of motion can influence the signal distraction caused by tension in the dura, when there is a distraction in the signal this is where the system reacts with concentric muscular contraction to protect the dura and nervous system. Eccentric Muscular contractions and stabilisation is preferred when moving.

Dura mater is composed mainly of collagen and elastic fibers embedded in an amorphous extracellular ground substance. Collagen-rich soft tissues, such as tendons, ligaments, and skin, display mechanical properties that strongly depend on the collagen fiber quantity and orientation. When the trunk bends forward, the dural sac mainly experiences a longitudinal stretch. As a result, the tissue microstructure should be arranged to support the longitudinal stress. These mechanical considerations indicate that collagen fibers in the dural tissue should be oriented mainly in a laying position.

So, what we do for you? By working with your brain and body we can check that your trauma is recognised and that the healing has begun (even from years ago), and more importantly, correction the damage that may have occurred from compensation to other areas of the body structure. When we experience an injury, we often begin to favour different joints or sides of the body instead. And commonly, in treatments, we find that the pain is occurring more at the site of compensation rather than trauma.

Simply let one of our practitioners work with your brain to help you live your best life!




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