Let's Talk Anxiety and Depression

If you have come into Neuro Touch before you may know that I am not one for labels, as I would rather treat your symptoms and eliminate them for you! We can work together so that you are able to live the best life that you can!

So What Next?

What next? How can I help with something that is altering your every day life and functioning? Or simply... do I understand? The thing is, I don’t necessarily have to understand, but I promise I always try to.

What exactly does anxiety and depression look like? That’s what a lot of us wonder… should I think this person has anxiety? Or maybe they are depressed? How do I know?

It’s a series of questions that can go unanswered often, especially in today’s society where anxiety and depression are widely talked about. Should you assume someone has depression because they didn’t smile today?

It's really not that simple.

In fact, most commonly we never realise the person who has been through either symptom, would have been the person we guessed! Am I right? But what happens when you suffer from either? Or you know of someone who does and they asked for help?

Definitely listen!

I am so incredibly proud when people come to Neuro Touch saying they suffer from a form of anxiety or depression. They have already done half the work in walking through the door. But what now? You’ve told me and so how can I help?


I can tell you a series of corrections or, simply “why’s”,  that may make sense to why you are experiencing these symptoms. Remembering that ANYTHING that is not of normal (or what you consider normal) body system functioning (yes that includes your thoughts too!) is due to a disconnection occurring somewhere in the body. But that might not entirely mean anything… What I can do is explain why these symptoms are occurring and how you can take your control back!


Firstly, don’t get me wrong, I understand and know that there are always times where medication is needed for support, but that is what it is. For support ❤️

You all know that I love the Neurological Integration Systems (NIS) because we can understand the why to something that has occurred. Emphasis on the has, because by the time your brain shows me where there is a disconnection and I explain it, I would have already corrected it through your neural pathways! YES, straight away your brain is at work. You do not have to battle anxiety and depression alone, and you really do not  have to battle this at all.

Number One: I have found significant corrections needed through the emotional cortices of our neural pathways. This is through your glands and organs influencing feelings of anxiety and depression, or anything not-so good. Yes your glands and organs can be the answer. Did you know that your Adrenals hold a lot of your control over feelings of anxiety, fear and anger? That your Small Intestines hold fright, shock and panic? Here’s a list of the following:

  • Adrenal: Anxiety, Fear + Anger
  • Bladder: Fear + Shock, Indecisiveness and Sadness / or poor self-assertion
  • Gall Bladder: Anger, Resentment, Frustration, Irritability and Rage
  • Heart: Depression, Loneliness, poor Will-Power, Stubbornness, Head/Heart Conflicts, Trustless and Doubt
  • Large Intestines: Suppressed Grief, Sadness, Anxiety, Worry, Despair, and Frustration
  • Small Intestines: Fright, Shock and Panic
  • Kidneys: Hostility, Lack Compassion, Worry, Fear and Shock
  • Liver: Anger, Resentment, Frustration, Rage, Irritability, and Hatefulness
  • Lungs: Grief, Sadness, Anxiety, Worry and Loss of Reality
  • Pancreas: Rejection, Fixation, Concern, and Perfection-ism
  • Pituitary: Inadequacy, Loss of Control and Early Life Trauma
  • Spleen: Worry, Excessive Thinking, caught up in the past, Apathy Fail and Hopelessness
  • Stomach: Memory, Suspicion, Lack of Courage and Poor Concentration
  • Thyroid: Negative emotions, Overwhelmed, Stressed and Powerlessness
  • Thymus: Security Issues, Fear of Others, Poor Relationship Processing and Poor Non-Conscious Processing
  • Hypothalamus: No Motivation or Reward Processing.


So not only is poor control over your feelings and thoughts easily explained through a weakness to a gland BUT I can explain why that would be occurring. It can be through your Cranial Nerve One which processes what you sense about people and situations, so do you trust yourself? At times you may struggle to trust your feelings and decisions. From here your Thymus neural pathways are not working (a reason that can be explained through life stress) causing poor control over security and fear!

When do these emotions flare up easily, can be determined and the pathways re-wired so that the reaction is… well, no longer a reaction. NIS can treat anxiety and depression.

Number Two: Have you heard about your Hypothalamus? This is the BIG BRAIN ENGINE, emphasis on the big as it is actually a little gland that sits at the base of your brain. . . little, but we all know it’s the little things that are what tip us over! In NIS we refer this gland as our Stress Parachute, where all cells are constantly running around your body and brain stressed! All the neural links are desperately trying to find the back up parachute to the back up parachute, because you lost the first one and this plane is falling from the sky! Unorganised stress, frantic overload to the nervous and all for nothing… Because when your stress parachute is flicked off, these cells realised that they are not even on a plane *palm slap*

Frantic overload can cause mood swings, poor sleep, poor appetite, no hormone control, no awareness of night/day, poor circadian rhythms, and MORE. Ever wonder why your anxiety keeps you up at night? Or why depression stops you from sleeping? Most commonly this gland is out of control running on adrenaline sitting on a Ferris wheel that a two year old doesn’t even find thrilling. We can correct these neural pathways to run how they should be! Remember this can be a symptom that has occurred, lets get your brain correcting!

Number Three: I would be surprised, unless you’ve seen me already, that you know about this experience in your brain! See through NIS we work with what we call your Cascade of Thought in Hemispheric Integration, BLAH BLAH BLAH WHAT?! Simply means the communication in thought through the left and right side of your brain, as each is responsible for something different. This process is considered to be one of the biggest factors causing stress to our mental relay system. Persistence of this can cause on-going health concerns, where you may not even be aware of why these ’things’ keep happening. We determine where the main cause of stress is coming from. Is this because the brain cannot understand what is being heard and seen at the same time? Or perhaps this is good but processing both at the same is causing stress… ORRRRR perhaps processing both is tolerable BUT add in being able to manage all data coming through and BAM, brain has called it quits. We can see if this stress is coming from an emotional trigger, or pre-motor trigger in being able to anticipate motions before they occur, or in pre-frontal region where all data is analysed and managed. Without you having to tell me, we can work out together, where the stress may be occurring.  And although it may sound as though I constantly refer to what has happened, just know that it is what has HAPPENED, not happening any longer.

So are these symptoms the same? I don’t believe so, but they are the same in the sense they can control your life, and they simply do not need to. What next for Depression and Anxiety? Who to see for depression and/or anxiety? Well… I love to help people, I love to change their lives for the better and even just being able to inform them of what exactly is going on in their body’s! I don’t claim to cure, I don’t say that I can make affects for every one. But surely give me a good shot! I can definitely help you in the right direction of living your best life, with control!

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