New Year, New Me

I have never really understood the whole, “New Year New Me” phrase. Well, yes I did, I get that it’s a new year so you have new goals and new focuses, blah blah blah. . . Don’t get me wrong I was a sucker for this too! Cringing at those old Facebook Posts popping up into memories with similar phrases from about the ages of 15 to probably 21, if I am honest - “New Year New Me” “Refresh for 2018” “New People New Choices” “Resolutions for the best life”. . .  

But do we actually stick to these “New Me” goals or changes we want to make??? Why not just be present for today and what you need-want to do today. . .


Why does it have to happen at the start of every year? For me, it is every day. Every day is a new chance to start again, but then someone might say why isn’t it every hour? Every minute? Or simple why do we have to put a time on everything…. Maybe it starts with our bodies…. So let's think and look at some facts for a second! 

  • Our skin renews every 2 - 4 weeks
  • Our hair for a new you is every 3 - 6 years
  • Liver cells repair every 150 - 500 days
  • Digestive Tract reset is every 2 - 9 days
  • Our bone renewal process is 10 years
  • Lung cells are new every 5 - 8 days

What we could take seriously into consideration is the fact that our nervous system that controls our whole body functioning never renews! So we need to look after ourselves right? Why should we touch base with ourselves every year 'to renew’, why not be like the stomach and do it every 5 days or like the skin at every 2 weeks? Our nervous system never can, but we can make changes and live a better life by doing something new or a new change every day! Did you notice how nearly every system didn’t entirely have a set day, that there was always a range. It’s like knowing you're the point where you start going down hill and the point where you fall. We need to work on somewhere in the middle, in the middle is any choice to decide to make a change. Middle of the year, middle of the week or even middle of the day. 

Through Neuro Touch we reset, there is nothing new or changed… We take you and your body back to the original settings. The point where you can live your best life every day! Have you ever thought of this? Is your goal really something new or is it just getting back to a point where you were happy and fulfilled? Our cells regenerate, but with the same goals and settings as the previous (and if not, maybe come see us to kick start the regenerated new!). 

Did you know elephants cover themselves in mud to protect themselves, so whatever you do that may help you might not be pretty but it will be worth it right?! Make you feel good, and if you ever need a change, wash the mud off and start again! How many times? How many days? Or hours? Does it really matter… We all spend so much time staring at the clock and everything is at a set time. Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker to this too! But let's just practise on being grateful this year and covering ourselves in that mud! Choose what is right for you, at anytime ❤️ .

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