Neuro Tools - Giving You The Ability To Heal Yourself, With Science, From Nature And Beyond

What is Neuro Tools all about? It began in 2018, officially recognising itself as apart of Neuro Touch from 2020. Originally being Neuro Harmony to encompass our crystal and oil collection, but now registered as Neuro Tools. That is what this store is. Neuro, for the brain and body; tools for you and your health kit.

What do crystals mean within our practise? Crystals are derived from the earth, from waters, from air and elements contributing to the materials and formations. These making the shape, use, and what you see. They are not just a pretty stone to sit on your mantle. Each works with physical, emotional and energetic properties within your brain, body, mind and soul. Whether you sleep with a crystal beside you, in your pillowcase, or carry the stone with you, around your neck, or in your pocket (ladies I know you pop them in your bra!). The crystals act as a mineral or supplement would. Just absorbing the properties to heal rather than ingesting. An easy way to remember your minerals if you ask me!

Supplement taking and remember the little capsules every day has always been a challenge for me. So stumbling into essential oils just made sense! If not for myself then for our clients, and now customers. Not only can we, as practitioners, make a blend specific to your needs and health concerns but they are easy and simple to use! Plus you smell great too 😉 Each, I have learnt, also has an energetic property, a physical healing property (or a few) and works directly with the vibrations within the body and glands. We currently have near 150 different blends, and single 100% pure essential oils. Many to be able to create the perfect blend for you!

About Neuro Tools