Innate treatments. Working with the brain and body. Brain Clinic Waikato. Natural Health Practitioner Te Awamutu. Health Practitioner Hamilton. Innate treatments. Working with the brain and body. Brain Clinic Waikato. Natural Health Practitioner Te Awamutu. Health Practitioner Hamilton.

We Help you to Help Your Brain
Structural (spinal, muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints,
Physical (immune, allergies, asthma, digestive, respiratory, heart, chronic),
Pathological (infections, viral, bacterial, fungal, protozoan)
Neurological (trauma, ADD/ADHA, learning disabilities)
Hormonal (depression, fertility, female health)
Emotional (anxiety, bipolar, PTSD, mental health).

Please understand this is a minimal list of all the complaints that can be present within the body and brain.
Neuro restore treatments. Neurological Integration System Treatments. Chronic Pain, Chronic Conditions, Chronic Fatigue, debilitating illnesses. Alternative Health Practitioner Te Awamutu, Natural health Practitioner Waikato
Treatment sessions are conducted through a series of guides (like a checklist), in which we can assess within the brain and the body to registered and acknowledge any breakdown. This is done by making contact with multiple points along your body to trigger a specific neurological pathway. A muscle test, usually with your arm, determines when your brain is in full control and when a break down has occurred. A breakdown often occurs when your body, brain and mind has come across a form of stress. This can be through neurological stress ( Headaches, Numbness, Migraines, Brain Fog, Memory, Pain ), emotional stress ( Tension, Poor Sleep, Hormonal / Mood Imbalance ), pathological stress ( Aches and Pains, Gut Health, Illness / Disease ), physiological stress ( Joint Issues, Back Pain, Inflammation ). ANY SORT OF STRESS! Your arm acts as an indicator to determine whether confusion is associated with any part of your body/brain system.

Why Innate ?

Innate means to exist, belong, or determined by factors of an individual. It originates from the mind or constitution of the intellect rather than experience. Innate applies to qualities or characteristics that are part of one's inner essential nature. We use our natural abilities backed by science to reset your health. Through your individuality, each treatment session, each client's session is different. Your symptoms can be the same as another but no two repairs are the same.

Why Neuro ?

Neuro encompasses the central and peripheral nervous system; the brain, spinal cord, cranial nerves, peripheral nerves, nerve roots, autonomic nervous system, neuromuscular junction, and muscles. This means that anything we do throughout your treatment is by looking at all neurological pathways throughout your whole brain and body. If your brain is not communicating with all parts of your body then this is when symptoms and pains occur. We work with your brain to reset your health.

Why Guide?

I have built a system that can be used as a guide and used in ways specifically to work with the brain to guide us to the changes needed. We are working towards a new guide that looks into reestablishing the entire spectrum of systems and recognising each individual system as part of a whole. Neuro, energy, physical, and other types of medicines treated in part of a whole.

Paige West Neurological Integration System Practitioner Waikato. Neuro Link Practitioner. Neuro Practitioner. Paige West Waikato. Paige West Neuro Touch. Neuro Touch treatments. Neuro Link Treatments. Treating the brain. Natural Health Practitioner
Meet Paige
Owner and Practitioner
Bachelor Health Sci | Rehabilitation and Psychology Qualifications | NIS Practitioner | Dural Tissue Trauma Practitioner | Emotional Balancing Practitioner | Body Balancing Practitioner | Trainee Flinch Lock | Health Coach Registered | Scientific Nutrition Certifcate

I created Neuro Touch in 2016, with our practise becoming a full time job in 2017! This all began with my Dad’s battle with MND and my own suffering of issues around Endometriosis from about the age of 11. I was and still am finding medicines and treatments to better my lifestyle and eliminate my own issues, along with yours! Through this I have achieved multiple qualifications, with on-going knowledge always building! But what you need to know is that I am here for you, to care for you and create an adventure with you through treatments and lifestyle adjustments, so that you can live your best life! I will never recommended something you don’t need, I promise to always be honest to help you feel like you again.

Find Out More About Paige + The Neuro Touch Journey
NIS Practitioner. NIS Waikato. NIS Hamilton. NIS Te Awamutu. Natural Health Practitioner. Alternative health Practitioner. Natural Health Practitioner Te Awamutu. Natural health Practitioner Waikato
Say Hi To Julie
I meet Paige over 4 years ago now and through Neuro Touch we built a strong relationship that turned into a Practitioner relationship and now, support person for the Clinic.My journey began with Paige and Neuro Touch when assisting Paige after her Dad passed away. My first goal in Neuro Touch was to help Paige with clients and learn new tricks as I went along. Now? I am "the go to person, the get sh$% done person, the uh oh help me person" as Paige would describe. I enjoyed my time as a Practitioner in Neuro Touch, but have taken a step back into admin role and support person to our Practitioners and importantly Paige. I love still being able to connect with our wonderful clients and being apart of a growing health clinic Neuro Touch is continuing to grow to be. So, if you cannot get a hold of Paige, or need support, guidance on your bookings. I'm your person!
Neuro Touch Practitioner. Natural Health Practitioner Waikato. Natural Health Practitioner Te Awamutu. Reiki Healer Te Awamutu. Reiki Practitioner Waikato. Chronic pain. Hormonal imbalance symptoms. Child's Health Practitioner
And Here's Carmen
Neuro Touch Practitioner | Reiki Practitioner | Mindset Coach

Hey I am Carmen and am the new Neuro Touch Practitioner in Kihikihi with Paige. I am also a Mindset Coach and Reiki Practitioner in Otorohanga and Te Awamutu. I live in Otorohanga with my farmer husband, two dogs and three cats. After many, many years working in the corporate environment I decided it was time to leave. This meant leaving the comfort of my job and being brave to follow my passion! And what is this passion? It is sending people out into the world with a spring in their step. Whether this is through a Neuro Touch treatment, Mindset Coaching or Reiki Session. The Innate Neuro Guide I have learnt enables me to expand my knowledge, and is a wonderful compliment to what I have already learnt. Being able to work with Neuro Touch, I can help many more people through direct treatments. I am excited to start this journey with all my new clients and to be able to help them live the best life that they possibly can!
Lets Welcome, Clare!
Trainee Neuro Touch Practitioner | Neuro Harmony Specilaising

A new practitioner for Dunedin in New Zealand, and working distantly through Neuro Harmony with Neuro Touch. My home town is Te Awamutu, and I relocated to the Otago/ Southland region 4 years ago. I am naturally drawn to unique gifts and alternative healing modalities. Leading me to living a peaceful, and joyful life. I've had a fair share of lifestyle changes, health and mindset challenges, and a significant deepened understanding within myself and who I am, more since I've moved to unfamiliar lands. I have a strong passion for harmonising emotions and experiencing a balanced joyful life. I met Paige when I lived in Te Awamutu and from the moment I met her, I knew there was something special about the change in health Neurotouch brings. I found deep passion and have always been intrigue to learn.
I am building into my life purpose, which is naturally based around choosing to keep and build uplifting mindsets, choices and emotions that truly support my life. I am passionate about bringing this gift to others, to support their lifestyle. I am looking forward to being a part of a growing team and can't wait to help, support and guide others into a life full of joy, wonder and balance.
Let's Welcome Catherine!
Trainee Neuro Touch Practitioner |

Hi, I’m Catherine (Cat), a new practitioner located in rural Rotorua. The country is my happy space, the place I like to be the most. With Rotorua’s amazing and tranquil outdoor scenery, it’s no wonder after 18 years here I have never left. I first met Paige in early 2022 when she was set to release the new practitioner training programme. Having never been a client of NeuroTouch, I was somewhat skeptical and unsure how NeuroTouch was different to any other natural healthcare system. I jumped on board with the initial guide and soon began adding more modules to my knowledge base. Understanding that the brain controls all centres and this is commonly where corrections are needed was super exciting to me. The added benefit that this is all science based amazes me. You could say I am converted! I am very excited (although a little nervous taking me way out of my comfort zone), to be joining Paige and the other practitioners on this epic journey, to help others live their best lives to their fullest potential.
And, I'm Sharon
Neuro Touch Practitioner | Holistic Metabolic Mindset Coach | Reiki Trainee

My journey began with alternative health and wellness, seeing Paige at Neuro Touch with my son James. This reignited something in me that had laid dormant for a while; that I love to learn & grow and at that point in time I was feeling stuck with life, home job and struggling to keep everything together as a mum – learning about my strengths and weaknesses. Understanding that growth is one of my top priorities in life, so why not turn that into something I love and am passionate about. I have a certificate in sport science & personal training from the Waikato polytechnic 1996 /1997. During covid we thought my full time corporate job would be the most secure, as I was the main income earner for the family – well it wasn’t and not even 2 weeks into lockdown, my work couldn't afford to pay me so I started to study again. It was time to back my own destiny and how I wanted my future to look. I studied to be a holistic metabolic mindset coach or sometimes known as a health & wellness coach through the ketogenic wholefood way of eating. I am fully qualified and have been practising since November 2021 – and I truly believe this is one of the main reasons we got my husband to stay around on earth 15 months longer than his diagnosis. Resetting holistically mind, body and soul spiritually to overcome any obstacles in life Fast forward to December 2022 and I FINALLY, after talking about it for years, started studying Neuro Touch with Paige. I truly believe in what Neuro Touch is and can provide the answers to your questions. An added bonus that it is backed by science.
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