Supporting Chronic Fatigue

If you are familiar with Neuro Touch you know that we work with everything and everything that does not feel normal to you within your body, brain, mind and/or soul. But through this short read we will be focusing on what Chronic Fatigue looks like, what to look for and how we can support you in your health and wellbeing with this!


So what is Chronic Fatigue? 

1.  A complicated disorder characterised by extreme fatigue that lasts for at least six months and that can't be fully explained by an underlying medical condition. The fatigue worsens with physical or mental activity, but doesn't improve with rest.

2. A disease characterised by profound fatigue, sleep abnormalities, pain and other symptoms that are made worse by exertion.

3. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a disorder characterised by extreme fatigue or tiredness that doesn't go away with rest and can't be explained

Simply extreme tiredness, EVERYWHERE!


Chronic Fatigue can look different for ever person but commonly involves, all or some of the following symptoms; 

Pain through joints 
Pain through muscles 
Inability to exercise 
No focus or concentration
Excess sleepiness 
Sleep disturbances 
Headaches / Migraines 
Flu-like symptoms 
Each and anyone of these can be debilitating to every day activities, or lack of every day activities, to social aspects, mental capacity - and your overall ability to be able to live the life that you want to lead! Treatment is constant self care, but often these symptoms can make self care very hard, and exhausting! Chronic Fatigue occurs more commonly in women, but I have personally found, can hit males harder. The cause is unknown, although a lot of triggers and remissions into Chronic Fatigue can be caused by environmental or genetic factors. Symptoms can be from months to years and rest is not the easy outlet. Unfortunately there is no cure, but at Neuro Touch we can help. 

How can Neuro Touch help?

Simply we are able to identify the underlying causes to why the chronic fatigue may keep occurring or may simply not go away. And not only do we find and tell you what the causes may be, but we integrate them to motivate change within the body. Through this we can hope that symptoms reduce or eliminate completely!
What does commonly show? 
We can find that with whatever symptoms or issues you may have going on from Chronic Fatigue can come from a number of things. Due to every person being unique - literally, the underlying causes or sequence of causes are NEVER the same. Often treatments will show a range of issues affecting the immune system, energy production, digestive system, brain processing, cardiac support, hormones or inflammation / infections. Some of these issues can be current, or past issues that are still cause havoc in the body today. 
Underlying immune causes can be along the lines of easy illness or infection, poor healing abilities, bruising easily, easy bleeding, headaches, poor breathing patterns and easy injury. Due to the red and white blood cell production, platelet utilisation and lymphatic responses, these symptoms or past symptoms could have caused trauma that now interrupts the functioning of the immune system. Through energy production we can look into the cellular communication through the glands and brain engines. If not efficient enough this can cause on-going stress to cells in the body and then in turn affect how tired you feel or can get. This can correlate with the digestive system, whether the stomach is absorbing nutrients, the liver detoxing toxins, small intestines digesting efficiently, and the pancreas assisting in energy through the foods. Even if one of these areas has been affect then fatigue can be prevalent throughout the body. Looking at brain engines we check through a number of neural networks working across 12 to 15 different areas of the brain, as well as multiple specific learning and development regions. By looking into these we can see if there is compromises to emotional control, emotional processing, memory short and long term, visual and auditory processing, concentration and focusing areas, and so much more! We can look into the mental strength, learning abilities and overall brain development support. If regions, areas or engines of the brain are not working to 100% this can make every day processing very hard and fatigue to prevale. Hormonal imbalance can mainly come from cortisol, serotonin and melatonin. As cortisol and serotonin are linked to stress responses, and can carry through releasing so that the brain and body is under constant stress. This then makes it hard for the body to 'flick out' of stress mode as it is so use to it. Being able to work with melatonin can ensure you can sleep and the right patterns of sleep are coming through. If you have a mental straining day you want more mental rest that night, and same applies for physical. If not, you can sleep 12 hours and still feel exhausted. 
In some cases we can find corrections through DNA trauma and carried through gene symptoms. This is where trauma can cause an issue to constantly be repeated over and over if the brain and neurological pathways are not aware of the trauma occurring to compensate from it. In terms of genes, we cannot change this and often they are turned on and off in cells through triggers. We can work through your body, brain, mind and soul to work with the gene descriptions to balance and compromise where needed, to be able to retain 100% functioning in areas it may have been affecting. 

Why would past issues affect how you feel now? 

Past issues, infections, traumas, injuries or stresses can still be causing issues in the body now. Why? Well what happens is that we go through these stresses and then they can break down our neurological pathways. Not all do, and not all cause symptoms. But in chronic cases, often old stress and traumas can be the underlying causes to awakening these long term symptoms. 
BUT we find them, we tell you and we provide the solution through correcting and making your brain, body, mind and soul aware of stresses and traumas to eliminate them for good! 

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