Supporting Chronic Pain

If you are familiar with Neuro Touch you know that we work with everything and everything that does not feel normal to you within your body, brain, mind and/or soul. But through this short read we will be focusing on what Chronic Pain looks like, what to look for and how we can support you in your health and wellbeing with this!

So what is Chronic Pain? 

1. pain that is ongoing and usually lasts longer than six months.

2. Chronic pain is pain that lasts for over three months. The pain can be there all the time, or it may come and go.

3. The pain may be be caused by inflammation or dysfunctional nerves.

The primary symptom is persistent pain that lasts weeks to years.
I have found through my ow experiences and those of clients that this pain can be caused by injury, or surgery, or genetic weakness, or lack of nutritional values. But it can simply be caused by anything... From immune system imbalance, digestive weakness, skeletal and muscular weakness - not just old traumas.  


Chronic Pain can look different for ever person but commonly involves, all or some of the following symptoms; 

Pain through joints 

Pain through muscles 


Pins and Needles 

Sensitivity to touch 



Headaches / Migraines 


Treatments for chronic pain can include medication,  electrical stimulation, cognitive behavioural therapy and in some cases surgery. But these are not a guarantee that the pain will go away, and often when clients come to Neuro Touch and have gone down these pathways, we find more pain. The original pain may have gone but other pains have flared up, new aches are occurring and the stress levels are higher than before. Because every person is different, as we know. The causes of pain are different to each and every individual. Through Neuro Touch treatments we can address the underlying causes, tell you why and where the pain may have originated from and then we work with your brain and body to begin correcting the stress. By doing so we can reduce, and most of the time eliminate the pain altogether. 


How can Neuro Touch help?


Simply we are able to identify the underlying causes to why the chronic pain is there, why it started and eliminate the trauma. This can gradually work across 6 weeks, depending on the type of trauma that the pain came from. If it is simply from an injury or surgical trauma, we can correct the damage and within 6 weeks you are able to move easier and pain be near gone. Why 6 weeks? It takes this length of time of your system to rejuvenate the cellular structure, so remove the cells still carrying the information of trauma and hold new ones that no longer do. And even better, the new ones supporting the healing of the trauma or compensation. Yes, compensation is often the underlying cause to the chronic pain - why? We find that the 'good' knee, will end up being the 'bad' knee due to the on-going strain, pressure and overworking of the good knee. As often when we have an injury, and one that leaves behind pain or lowered functioning the corresponding joint will pick up a lot more of the pressure. Over the years this can wear down more and more and soon that bad knee is in a lot better condition than the good one. As much as it makes sense, you can beat it's annoying! These compensations can come on within months or years later. An injury to the neck can affect the thumb 20 years later; an accident that's damaged the back can start affecting the chest; a chronically injured ankle can begin to affect the hips and knees. We cannot always control it. But with Neuro Touch we can reset the compensation and begin healing the trauma, even from years ago. 


With Chronic Pain symptoms and issues, working with the Immune System can be essential. Your immune system is not just there to help with illnesses and infections, but supports swelling and healing processes in the body too. Often with Chronic Pain we can find a lot of left over inflammation that has not be addressed properly and compromising the area where it can be left. But then there is the opposing affects where there has been no inflammation to allow the brian and body to know that there is an injury there to correct. Having an immune system working to 110% enables appropriate healing to take place with all and any accidents and injuries. 

So how does the Digestive System come into play? For myself, I like to check this especially with the Stomach and Small Intestines. Why? These are essential organs that assist in the absorption of nutrients and distribution of these nutrients throughout the body. Helping with collagen, magnesium, omegas, zinc, vitamin D and fibres; to be distributed across the body to assist in healing. If not, the healing time can take double time and leaving behind more pain. In terms of on-going chronic pain, it can mean that symptoms do not ease, they become more debilitating and harder to have days or months or years of remission from pain. It makes it harder for health professionals to be able to attempt eliminating the pain too. 

BUT not only do we find and tell you what the causes may be, but we integrate them to motivate change within the body. Through this we can hope that symptoms reduce or eliminate completely!

What does commonly show? 

Old injury - an old injury can be one that occurred at birth or 3 months prior. We look back through your whole history, and I don't mean that this is you telling us; but your brain and body showing us where trauma may be held. Yes! That's right, you don't even have to relay your whole history, often we find it for you. And often we remind you of past traumas you may have forgotten. In terms of trauma this is where the literal injury or impact occur. When injuries happen, sometimes the brain and neurological pathways are not aware that the trauma has occurred and so does not work to clearing it correctly, or allowing complete healing 

Other factors that can come into play is your immune system, digestion, muscle and skeletal dysfunction, and at times hormones.   

BUT we find them, we tell you and we provide the solution through correcting and making your brain, body, mind and soul aware of stresses and traumas to eliminate them for good! 

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