How Distant/Remote Healing Works

You can still have NIS or Emotional Clearing Appointment? AND still see Paige?! - Even better am I right!

For the last two years I have been distant treatments with a selective few clients who could not make it into the office. This was purely due to them living in the South Island or Australia! And it does work! Clients have noticed adjustments through their spinal column instantly with physical appearance. Others experience a sense of lightness during the session or within an hour afterwards. The same detoxing and ‘flushing’ out still happen. You want to nap afterwards and the headache may still appear! ANNND most of you will giggle along with how accurate I am in picking up what is going on! Freaky right?!

So how does this even work?
I need Paige’s touch though? Is this even possible Paige?
We are at such a distance!
Arghh, but I need Paige’s help!

Firstly, to make distant treatment achievable it is preferred that we do this through video chat or you will need to send me a photo of you at the day of your appointment. This is what I use to connect with you. If through photo, you will need to ensure you are laying still on a couch or bed so that your energy is still. I will text you updates as I go or call you during the appointment time if need be.  I will conduct the treatment and call you afterwards to discuss what has come up and whether there are any requirements for you. The way I connect through you is by firstly using a tapping sequence to enhance and protect by electromagnetic field (your field of protection that is around all living things) - this is so I do not come down with the same symptoms you are experiences. Then I use a series of questions and techniques developed by Bradley Nelson and reference through Dr David Hawkins, power vs force. This enables my energy to connect with yours and simply, where my muscle testing enables your neural pathways in the brain to connect and still show answers as we would in a normal session. If by phone, I make all corrections as I go and enable pathways to be optimise. ALWAYS ensuring that I ‘log out’ of your field afterwards (I don’t want to have a sore back once yours is healed haha!).

If we are conduction a session via video chat, it is conducted much the same way BUT is so much easier for me as I can literally see how you are holding your body, have a stronger connection and be able to get you correcting systems as we go too! So yes, a bit more work for you, rather than just laying down on the table as usual… I promise that we still have lots of fun and I’ll still work out all your woes. Try me!

We are all made of energy and for people like me who working with healing - our matter is to transfer and balance those energies. Energy comes from the tips of our fingers, in which you know we use our hands to active pathways in a session. Being able to distantly heal means that I am able to send therapy through an energy pattern - that is not always completely understood.

So the science behind this?

There is not a lot if I am honest with you - we are discussing intuition, awareness and how in touch you are with your senses.

I’ve been known to question this a couple times too - not going to lie. When I first started working in the NIS system a good friend of mine was getting color-therapy at a distance over the phone. UM WHAT. So yes I have been there, but practising this way has just enhanced my believing that there are NO limitations, we can take control of our health. So let me convince you, for those of you who need more than just my word…

The essential transmission of energy is universal - meaning that everyone is made up of energy and all other energies can effect someone else’s. Please do not take this lightly, I only work distantly when people ask and permission is granted - in no way would I do this without the person know and permissions not given.

Distant healing is all about the holographic universe; explaining that subtle energies are different than those of our physical body. This is all about awareness, hence the need to video chat and physically see you, it is an intuitive form in which no barrier is created - unless blocked by you. So yes we need you on board and acceptant to distant healing. It is a way of sensing what is around you, the presence of you and your energy fields, of neural pathways in this sense.

Honestly - I cannot completely explain how this works, but it does! Just sit there and think, listen, feel. You seem to sense more than you would when you go about your daily life, am I right? For us healers or practitioners or those that can conduct distant healing - that is us every day. We can sense it all. If you come into Neuro Touch often you will end up noticing how I can just go to where there is a weakness straight away. If you saw me in practise three years ago, compared to now. You would notice the difference. The expansion of intuitive awareness and increase in the senses. YES, we use muscle testing and NO there is no assumptions made to conflict treatment. Sometimes I get it wrong but through touch and tap (even at a distance) I will get to the root of your symptoms or complaints. All through the energies that come from you body! Energy is the underlying to all - it is just not a topic that people seem comfortable talking about. So maybe just…

Trust me! Don’t miss out on seeing my face!

Hear it from the clients themselves…

“WOW. Paige - what an amazing treatment! I have experienced it in person and also by distance treatment. The results for me were totally the same. Love it”


“I was sceptical how distant treatment would work, but Paige quickly proved she can be just as effective as a face to face treatment. A strange phenomenon is the way to sum up. I even ask her to work on my son down south. She did a great job with us both!”


“You never stop amazing me with your abilities! You just get better and better. We are so grateful to have you!”


“It’s hard for me to get to Paige’s clinic all the time. Distant is easy for me! I can lay in the comfort of my room, Paige solves my problems and I’m in the perfect spot for the nap afterwards! Thank you Paige for your flexibility and expertise!”


“Really pleased I gave distant healing a go this week, I felt calm and relaxed and at ease with the whole process. Thank you Paige”

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