Emotional Balance for Mental Health

What is this emotional clearing people talk about?

Why do you need to listen to us tell you one negative emotion after another and then roll a magnet to clear your energy?

Sounds a bit strange when it's put that blankly right!?

It really can be that simple with the right person, the right technique for you and the BEST intentions ❤️

See 99% of our bodies are made of energy! So, if we took this energy away from every human on the earth we would all fit in a small sugar cube. EVERYONE. IN. THE. WORLD. Energy assists in the creation of all your tissues, organs, and every matter in your body. So when it comes to working with energy, we are working with your body as a whole! Sometimes that energy can vibrate at a good level and other times at a not so good level. But keep in mind that the release of the not-so good has to be done carefully. David Hawkins found that the energy in your magnetic field can affect your emotions! What was found, was that the energy level in our bodies can change to match how we are feeling or the thought pattern we are going through. Which makes sense when you think back to that time you were sad and felt weak and tired, or when you were happy and felt you could take on the world!

Negative feelings can lower our level of conscious awareness and can impact our mental and physical health! So what we do in Emotional Clearing is help you to identify the negative emotions, that have become trapped as negative energies, then release them. That simple! By releasing the bad energies we enable the body to recover from any traumas and live a more positive and consciously aware life! This not only helps to clear old patterns, habits or phobias but is wonderful in increasing the overall optimal functioning of your body too.

It has been measured that when a person feels love, the magnetic waves of the brain extent out to that person. Ever get that feeling that someone is watching you and then you turn around to find your sister staring at you from the other side of the room because you probably did something to annoy her?? *goddamn Taylah* That person is portraying their energy onto you and you react to it by meeting their eyes! *yes I stopped the annoying thing* Try it now, I dare you 🙂

There is 12 GHz that come from our hands!

WOW! This is enough energy to alter the magnetic field of someone else, FOR THE BETTER! Please understand that at any time should you feel uncomfortable you should tell your practitioner to stop. We are healing and working for you, not the other way around! As practitioners we can use our energies to assist the clearing of your negative ones, but this should never be used to manipulate your body or mind. INTENTION is important!

This is an energy healing treatment, and intended to tune your body’s subconscious mind with emotional frequencies to improve your overall health. This is not a massage therapy, AND you don’t always need a practitioner (although beneficial) you can achieve the same benefits with yourself. This treatment does not exhaust your energy, it is not a new therapy and definitely not out of date. There is no such thing as ‘powers’. You have the ability to heal your own energy and/or allow others to help you heal your energies ❤️

By healing your energy you can use magnets, as we do at Neuro Touch, or your hands (as I do at times). See, magnetic fields can be localised and targeted with magnets; due to the fact that this is magnets working with magnetic fields hah! These magnets can act as a drawing tool to enable the negative energy to be released and block the transmission of this negative signal to the areas of the body and brain it may be affecting. Magnets affect the cells membranes and walls! You can simply test this by holding a magnet to your TV or computer screen and see how it alters the image. You now know that you have strong energy coming from your hands, and you can achieve the same outcome as using magnets, with ALOT more concentration, intuition and focus that is!

Although we may not have all the answers, this is an ever evolving field that scientist are beginning to become far more involved in. And as practitioners we are forever learning and grabbing onto new information to educate ourselves for YOU. Our intention is for you to live your best life possible WITH the highest vibrating energy of enlightenment ❤️

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