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Motor Neurone Disease is one of the cruelest diseases. Its cruelty affects not only those who are losing themselves in this illnesses, but also the friends and family that are trying to dealing with it before, during and after. During this time you go through array of emotions, from anger to frustration, to inadequacy and more that probably cannot be voiced. It can be an uphill struggle every day to be able to wake up and carry on. 

I know from personal experience my dad would try his best to giggle and smile in the end, when he could and was awake. Our pride was in the fact that we could laugh at almost anything, even the things that you probably shouldn’t laugh at due to the cruelness. But laughter is the best medicine. I know through myself that at diagnosis I was angry, upset, frustrated with the world; even though I couldn’t admit it. During caring for Dad I know that I would feel heartache, longing and intense protection towards him. And now, one year after losing my mentor and hero… well I couldn’t tell you how I feel. 

Any terminal illness a person experience is one of the worst traumas, I believe, in our life time. But perhaps if we look at how illnesses seems to bring about more negative patterns than the strength in the positive ones. Have you ever wonder why one person with an illness seems to handle it better than another? Whether this is a brave face or not, it creates and leaves behind emotional and physical scars. So how can we, at Neuro Touch, help you to better handle terminal or chronic illnesses? 

Through Emotion Clearing there are a couple things we can look at specifically, so let's see! 

We work specifically in clearing any past negative traumas or current ones that are affecting a specific ability that you would like to enhance. Whether this is to be more positive overall; or more specific such as wanting to be able to laugh easily; or to build resilience and patience; any sort of ability that would make it easier for you to handle this curve ball that life has thrown you.

Although we may of recovered from the immediate effect of a trauma, sometimes there is a long term, negative emotion that can stick with us. Developing into a ball of negative energy, that we cannot shake. This ball can be as big as an orange. Now if you’re anything like me you always go for the biggest fruit, am I right? Same within our subconscious processing; this ball of negative energy becomes larger than that of the positive. So reluctantly our subconscious goes to the negative emotion over the positive one. For example, that bullying you went through when you were 12, the loss, the self worthlessness you felt, can still be controlling your behaviours now. We use techniques, along side you, to draw out these emotions and release them, so that big massive orange is no longer playing havoc on your emotions. There could be five old emotions deferring your ability to laugh or build up resilience; so we simply acknowledge these with you and clear them. We will clear every single negative ball of emotion that is there. 

We pride ourselves on our ambition to help you live your best life, no matter the circumstances.  Illnesses can be such such an emotional upheaval. But it does give us the opportunity to reevaluate what is important in our lives, and to release all the old negative patterns, behaviours and thoughts. We can help guide you to a clean slate, a fresh plate, a fresh look at the world with no deferring negative oranges. To start building up those positive reactions again. By releasing those negative emotions it becomes easier to look at tough times a little more lightly and with a little more resilience. 

So here is the catch, not only do the old negative emotions of yourself affect how you feel and behave, but emotions from other people can become trapped within your subconscious processing too! I can recall a select few sharing all the things that I would miss and never have with my dad, before he even passed. Those negative comments and energies those people thrown out can be caught. That is not what we need. Those are energies that I would not want to be picking up and trapping in my subconscious processing. To put it quite frankly, you do not want to be feeling another person’s helplessness, when you are doing all you can to hold onto your hope, faith and ability to be positive. Those are the naughty oranges that attach to us, most definitely unwanted! 

In no way is one terminal illnesses harder than another. Everyone’s reaction to them is completely different. But what we can do, having experienced a terminal illness in Neuro Touch, is make sure that you are in the most optimal, positive, resilience and peaceful mindset that you can be in through a time of  complete sh%tness. We work every person so that they can live their best life possible, for those few, the best life may look completely different but it will be the best life that they can live! 

At Neuro Touch we give back to those suffering with terminal illness every 3 months, if you would like to nominate a family or learn more about what we have done, check out the link below. 

If you would like to add to our donations to MND, or families affected by terminal illnesses use: Neuro Touch 06-0441-0807045-03, with the reference MND.

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