Day of Happiness

With International Day of Happiness, it really got me thinking. What can we do that encourages people to be happy… Or how can we get you back to your place of inner happiness? We can do this, by work on your neurotransmitting pathways for your stomach, muscles, heart and more…  these include pathways that get all your ‘be happy’ hormones going and ensures your subconscious actually knows what happiness is. 

So what is happiness? 

Happiness is defined as the state of mental or emotional state of well-being characterised by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.  

So what are the feelings of joy or pleasure that characterise happiness? Or simply contentment? One thing we can agree on is that it is a board term. But one thing is for sure Is it the opposite to anxiety, to anger, to frustration, to hurt… So if you don’t feel bad then you must feel good And be happy. If only it were that simple. 

More and more we are working with people who struggle to know what happiness is, or what makes them happy - more commonly dealing with the latter.  Its not uncommon to sit there and um and ah about what actually makes you smile or laugh. But it should not be this way! 

What can a lack of happiness do to you? 

Through the Neuro Touch clinic I see a theme (poor choice of words but it works) of ‘diminished intuition’ to be the underlying cause of a lot of problems occurring in the body. Our aim is to find the issue and correct through the four key ‘underlying issues’ that are causing the first issue. 

Now, before you tell me ‘wait I have a good intuition’. I want you to think. Do you really understand yourself, can you connect to yourself, do you understand your own feelings - simply, how do you feel? This was a forever occurring theme in my treatment. I use my intuition every day, this cannot be right! BUT, do I like to talk about my feelings or connect to them… ABSOLUTELY NOT! I was needing corrections through my digestion, my endometriosis scarring, my respiratory system and MORE! All because my I was not connected intuitively with myself. I was not consciously aware of how overwhelmed and stressed I was. 

It is important to note that not only is intuition a big cause of on-going problems in the body BUT it is a massive factor in our immune system. You know the whole ‘feel shit’ - ‘get sore’ - ‘get sick’. I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to gain control of our mental health so that not only can we live a better life and happier one - but a healthier one!

Stress can lead to our body systems going into over drive, our resources used up, our body’s exhausted, and so, it makes it easier for us to catch a naughty bug. Keep the happiness close! Live your best life!

So how do we fix this?

Well firstly as NIS practitioner we correct the pathway to clear the overall issue, BUT this does not mean that all of a sudden you want to talk about your feelings. You may never want to talk about your feelings… just make sure you are getting some sort of verbal expression out. This could be singing out loud in the car, talking to someone (or yourself), writing things down, screaming at the top of your lungs in a remote area (it works well!). In short, listen to yourself more. Take in what you want and create it! 

Although this is only one out of the four underlying causes we find. Joint issues can arise from poor comprehension of experiences that you have been through. And overall - your memory. Sometimes we may struggle to recall events or even retain data that we need to remember. This can then lead to more stress trying to access this data that was never ’SAVED’. 

We can directly work with your immune system, lymphatic system and digestive system to reconnect any interference from intuition! And even better, we can explain it (Want to know more about effects of happiness and emotions to glands? Check out our blog post - When Anxiety & Depression Take Over)

So do we process - Do we know how to feel happy?

Honestly, if we have on-going problems occurring within the body - we probably find it very hard to maintain or feel happy all the time! BUT this is where we can help. Yes by a little bit of touch and tap - and probably through the clearing of all the negative B%^SH*& (check out *link to emotional clearing blog to learn more). 

It really is as simple as ensuring all your pathways are working so that there is no stress and there is no worry about your body - simple. You can live your best and you can be happy! We can help you to understand what your happiness is again, if you feel you’ve lost it! 

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