The Empathy Guide to Wellbeing and Health

What is the empathetic guide? This is the term we use in which we work under. It outlines how we work, how we conduct treatments and what we stand for.   So what does this look like for us? 


1. This looks likes us working with you to help you to help your brain. As all our treatments work through your subconscious, your neurological corrections, working with you. It is you that helps us to motivating change to eliminating symptoms and complaints. 

2. You will find that with our team of Practitioners are here to listen, to understand and to motivate you to take control of your health. Each of us have our own stories of health struggles, and our roads to finding more that has lead each to Neuro Touch. To be heard, to be understood and to gain solutions. 

3. Judgement or assumptions is not something you will find in our treatments. As we are lead by your subconscious and brain to find what needs correcting. Being able to listen to your story is to help you and understand what lead you through our doors. But silence is something we hear to. 


We work with you, for you, in a way that you want to receive treatment. This could be listening to our stories, having yours heard or giving you a space where silence is not judge and solutions are still found. 

When we live in a world where feelings of lost, anxiety and lack of security can be every evolving - we have searched to create a space of health and wellness for you. Lead by empathy. 

Empathy means the ability to understand and share the feelings of another; awareness of the feelings and emotions of other people, goes far beyond sympathy, which might be considered 'feeling for' someone; ability to recognize, understand, and share the thoughts and feelings of another person, animal; involves experiencing another person's point of view, rather than just one's own, and enables prosocial or helping behaviours that come from within, rather than being forced. 

What does Empathy mean to you?

Sometimes people may struggle with this feeling, or ability. Sometimes people can find it hard to listen and process emotions. Sometimes people may find it difficult to share their own thoughts and feelings. 
We can help. Often pathways throughout our brain and mind can be so stressed that our simple cognitive abilities or emotional strengths can be reduced. Or it can be old traumas (or new ones) that have blockage neurological pathways from being able to work to 100% too! Often the brain is not aware of what has occurred, or why the circuit has become stressed, so we can find it and rewire it. Reset it. Bring you back to feeling like yourself again. 
In other forms it can be the entrapment of negative energies in the form of emotions or mind set controls or subconscious blockages or inherited energies. These we can identify and remove. Being able to remove allows better control over emotions, higher processing of emotions and positivity to be easily felt. And if you find that you are a huge empath with others thoughts and feelings affecting you, these type of treatment can assist in protecting you while you can still listen and help others. 
Empathy can be found in so many forms, behaviours and emotions. Being lead by empathy, understanding and kindness helps all. And if it's something you've lost or looking for - Neuro Touch is here for you 

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