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When it comes to health, your well-being, your whole being - what is important? What is it that you prioritise and comes first?

For me? It would be a quiet space, something for rest and something that will help my body to reset. Yes this does mean booking myself in with one of our practitioners,

Or sending myself along for a facial or massage. Mostly a combination of all 3! It can be more than one aspect that we need in our lives to keep us going.


Life can get in the way but there won’t be a life to live if we don’t look after this one. And that means looking after ourselves. At Neuro Touch we attempt to accomodate for most health requirements that you may be seeking. But unfortunately not massage haha! We have the quiet space, the area for answers to health concerns, the solutions to health complaints and a non invasive treatment approach for it. Through touch we can carefully assess the brain, body and mind to what is working well and what may not be working so well. And the not working so well? We find the why and then we are the solution to restoring function.


But not only are we a place of answers and solutions, we can find the right supplements for you too. Through muscle testing, a kinesiology technique, we are able to identify what health supplement may be best for you, how long you may need to take it for and then the best time of day! Each will be different from one person to another, to its important to understand what your subconscious is asking from you.


This brings us around to why our treatment method is called the innate neuro guide. See it’s the work within the subconscious, the constant little message we may be missing from our brain functioning that would allow us to solve problems easier. We work innately, we trust and work with our subconscious to be able to connect with yours. Mainly through forms of muscle testing but then again with our own health healing abilities to go where your brain, body and mind is leading us too.


It’s as if we are working with the bossy version of you! The subconscious part that knows what is not working, why it’s not working and how to fix it but is unsure where to start. The unsure is where we step in. Simply. We help you to help your brain. Because without our brain where would we be?


So, I’m wondering. Would a Neuro Touch treatment be something you are going to use to assist your well-being. That you are going to use to help you live your life easier, with more fun, with more ease… and A LOT less pain! 

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