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A treatment with a Client in Neuro Touch - The Experience

How did one of our clients experience a fresh start working with clearing the energy blocks in their body and mind? Well, let’s have a look at how her notes went… 


  1. Blocked energies through the Uterus, this shows that there was an energy interference through the uterus which could have been conflicting emotions of anxiety, poor cycle and irregular blood flow with periods. 
  2. Common trapped emotion of Conflict with another person, this is a response to stress, an experience or negative thought. This would have interfered with the functioning of the Kidneys and Bladder. 
  3. Energy overload of Stress Hormone which includes Adrenalin, Cortisol and Noradrenaline - is a response to stress resulting in an overload of symptoms for 24 hours or more if the stress is ongoing. This then acts as a toxic effect on the body. 
  4. Circadian Rhythm is a physiological pattern that occurs every 24 hours, it is connected to the time zone that you live in and works with all biological activities. This interference was through 5pm clock, weakening muscle response and cardiovascular efficiency. 
  5. Post Hypnotic Suggestion of “I’m not in control”, a post-hypnotic suggestion is where an outside source has exposed the subconscious to a phrase that becomes a suggestion for all functioning’s in the mind. It will embed and can cause mood issues, thought irregularities, self-harm, addiction and anger at self. 
  6. Spirit Foetus imbalance is where there is a disconnection between the mother and foetus and can create symptoms of fatigue, nausea and miscarriage (extreme case). Sometimes this can be where the body is mimicking a pregnancy and carry the literal spirit of a foetus once lost. 
  7. Post Hypnotic Suggestion of “I’m never doing enough”.
  8. Spirit Break, this can affect the energetic version of the heart and imbalance emotions of self-worth and esteem. We can identify the percentage of the spirit, which in this case was sitting at 70% and after correction needed it came up to 87% - still needing some work.
  9. Food Toxin from carbohydrates. Showing that this additive to the diet was causing more nutrients to be lost and degraded. Means there is no processing of carbs happening and the energy body is imbalanced by this food. We can find out what tolerance is acceptable, in this case, every 2 days, one meal can be high carb. 
  10. Heart Chakra imbalance, causing fatigue, poor self-worth and conscious control of behaviours. 
  11. Removal of a Saboteur, this is a strong negative energy that is usually from another person that is subconsciously thrown towards a person to wound or bring down. 
Following this treatment, our Client found that she was very tearful for a few days and then started to feel like herself for the first time in 3 years. There is still plenty more to clear and adjust but this reaction from a first treatment was incredible! No following treatments should give such an emotional response, and everything will lead to uphill success!


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