Your Health in the Hormonal System

We've been through your hormone monster and that there are multiple symptoms, multiple conditions and multiple organs that are affected by it. But not only is it all of those above. It can also be which traumas has happened in your life or to your body. If your brain is not aware of a trauma that has occurred, it cannot work on healing your mind and body from it. We are working towards you achieving Hormonal Harmony - everyone wants this! 

So what we can do is we can go through and make your brain and mind, aware of the trauma then be able to move past the physical, emotional or neurological blockage. This can come from literal emotional traumas, or it can come from traumas, such as surgeries, which if you're me, you've had multiple surgeries and your pelvic ligaments are completely stuffed for it.

I once got asked how many children I had because my pelvic ligaments had so much damage to the tissue that the practitioner working on me was so confused, to how I didn't have any children due to the damage. And then became worried and concerned that if I was to get pregnant, how much my body would be able to handle it.

There's so much more to our hormones whether you want children or whether you don't. It's just getting our bodies to work properly so that we don't get those pains, we don't get those issues, we don't get that hormone monster ruling our lives. It is important that we support our pelvic ligaments, we support our thigh structure, we support our lower back. These are essential into holding through a good reproductive organ, strength, muscular wise, and just in being able to function, these muscles are around our organs as well. Yes your organs are a muscle that need to be strong, not restricted or holding tension! Then there is those ligaments that helped to hold everything together. If those aren't working properly, that's when you can get those ongoing issues of pain you can get prolapses, you can get miscarriages. They are all the symptoms and complaints and issues that occur. They are a warning sign to us that something is not working properly in our bodies.

These warning signs can come from surgeries, or car accidents, or your own birth. Life happens, we trip, we fall, we crash, we bend funny and catch a nerve. At times are body cannot work out what to heal and then our pelvis is twisted, our lower back is misaligned and our hips are too far forwards or backwards! You cannot build a house if you don't have a stable foundation. Same with your hormones, we cannot control them, live in harmony if the structure is out. 

But we know how we can work with that. We know how we can make lifestyle changes, we know how we can work with our brain and body, so that everything is working properly for the better of us and our bodies to live the life we want - in Harmony 

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