Hormones and You

So what exactly is endometriosis, this is where the blood that usually comes out with your menstrual cycle is held up, and it can then cause adhesions, it can cause cysts across your ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, on the outside of your bladder, your colon and some extreme cases that has even been known to travel up to upper limbs of the body, or organs of the body as well. So how can we help this... You can help this through yoga, Pilates diet changes, alcohol consumption, coffee consumption, and so much more.
But what I'm here to emphasise is that, although there's all these lifestyle changes you can make, we want to actually make sure that your body and brain knows what your hormones are! What your reproductive system is! And most importantly, that endometriosis and all that scar tissue adhesions and cysts does not need to build up in your body.
Endometriosis can be labeled as autoimmune as it is where your body is attacking itself. Every time you bleed your endometriosis or adenomyosis (or cysts of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - PCOS, is growing. One that is similar to endometriosis is adenomyosis, and quite often they go hand in hand with each other . This is where the lining of your uterus just becomes thicker and thicker and thicker. These are commonly main causes of infertility or chronic menstrual discomforts. PCOS can show up in skin conditions, weight, it plays a big role with your thyroid, which is all about your metabolism, your appetite temperature regulation, and whether your body is in stress mode or not. It affects your fertility and daily life functioning. 
 So how can we help this? Well by simply working through your thyroid, so your thyroid works with your metabolism, your appetite; your thyroid works with your adrenals, so your adrenals, is your whole fight and flight response. So it turns your body into rest and digest mode, and out of stress mode.  When your body is stressed, it is under attack easier, it cannot focus on your important daily functioning so much, and that's where we get fatigued and worn out easier. ANNND these chronic illnesses causing more havoc.  
But not only is it working with your adrenals and your thyroid it is working with your pituitary gland. So your pituitary gland releases hormones, it is your master gland to every other hormonal gland symptom within the body. This hangs at the base of our brain. It is highly important for your growth hormones your cell regeneration, supporting your adrenals, supporting your thyroid and is a direct communication with your hypothalamus.
Now your hypothalamus is a whole other story, this is your stress parachute, it helps to control your behaviours, your moods, your appetite, your body clock. The systems, your parasympathetic nervous system, your sympathetic nervous system, a whole lot of just everything in your body, is what goes through your hypothalamus. This is not one that you want to be stressed out constantly. It is your big brain engine, it talks directly with your brain and is in communication with it all the time to know what hormones to release and when. So your hypothalamus doesn't talk with your pituitary, your pituitary then controls your thyroid, your liver, your adrenal glands and all your important hormonal glands. 
So how does your Liver come into this? Most people think liver is just your detoxing system, but no, it is more than your detoxing system, yes that plays a big role in it, it supports your bowels, but it also helps with your overall hormone control. Now if you're me, your chronic pain is not often in your lower abdomen but it's stabbing in the side of your ribs against your liver. Your liver is important and quite often forgotten about. But how do we work with all these.
We can go through a series of treatments to make sure that your hormonal systems and reproductive systems at all working properly. Or you can simply watch this space, or head to our courses link, and be able to do a hormone course so that you can work on all these things all day every day, yourself and learn how to live a better hormone harmony and remove that hormone monster.

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