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The Innate Neuro Guide, is more than just innate neurological treatments. We encompass Neuro Harmony, which is the understanding of how energy affects us, the different environmental attacks and the mental health patterns. These can affect how our body and brain, mind and soul operates by causing negative blockages and delaying / reducing strength throughout our body. This is the Circulate and Roll process. 
But first let's understand why we tap. In our last blog we ran through the understanding of the Post Central Gyrus. This is essential to understand the rest of this blog, so if you haven't already, read it here

Why We Tap?

The reason behind tapping is to activate the Post Central Cyrus to directly send the information to the Central Nervous System. Within our brain the Post Central Gyrus sits at the top, where we tap. Touching is activating all the pathways, the tapping on the area reconnects it back to the neurological system. It really is like a morse code, or electrical wiring in the house or the hammer to the nail. There is more than just one aspect needed, cannot touch and expect the brain to know why we go to these areas and fix the stomach. It would be like going to a house on Halloween expecting treats without knocking. There is a method to our madness. 

Why Do We Roll?

You will find that with the Innate Neuro Guide, it is more than just the touch and tap; the investigate and correct. Sometimes we have to clear and correct. This is through Neuro Harmony, if you would like to learn more you can do so here. Through these treatments we are working through clearing and correcting negative energies throughout the body, the mindset, the chakras, the meridians, the whole energy balance in your complete system. To be able to reset and / or clear we roll through a specific meridian that is needed. The reason we do this is to work with the energy that needs to be released, we are opening up that meridian to clear what has become trapped. It's like your hand, crystal or magnet is the key to releasing what is behind the door (the negative energies trapped in your field) 

So Now What's With the Circulating?

 Circulating is where we are working with rebooting the positive energies through the Chakras. The reason for circulating, going in a circle, clockwise rotation is so we can reset the positive energy we are working on. Chakra's act as spinning wheels of energy throughout the midline of our body and self; meaning that they do not all just sit along our body, some are above our heads, below and the odd extraordinary one is towards the left side. Each Chakra means and relates to something different. But what I have found is that they are essential in being able to fine turn the positive energies. Reboot them. Reset them. Wind them back up, literally! The rotation to positivity, to bringing you out of the neutral zone! 
Without a Tap, Roll or Circulation we are not correcting or clearing anything. We have the activation and investigation down packed, but then we have no solution, only the answers. The Tap, Roll and Circulation is the solution. We find the issues and solve them! It's that simple. We do this to solve a variety of different issues that can arise in the brain, body, mind and soul. Whatever it is that you want to reset or be relieved of, we can find the right answer and solution for you. You don't have to understand, just relax and let your brain heal itself with our help. 

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