ING - Touch and Investigate

Diving in Deeper with Neuro Touch's treatments with the Innate Neuro Guide. What exactly is this treatment and why do we touch, then investigate? 

We know that the Innate Guide is all about our Practitioners using their Innate Abilities to work with the brain, body, mind and soul to correct neurological pathways that have been broken down, stressed or affected by trauma. What does the touching do, why do we touch different areas on the body? This is a way to access all the different glands, cranial nerves, brain areas, muscles, joints, ligaments - anything and everything! It's our form of communication with the brain and subconscious. As Humans we use language, with the body we use touch. Touching is constantly asking the subconscious questions: 

"Is this working?"

"Does this need some healing?" 

"Was their trauma to this region?"

"Do we need to reset this?"


When we find a weakened response, 'no' response; it's simply the body and brain asking for help. We help to respond to this. We ask questions with touch and we find the answers through touch. When one area needs resetting, we then need to find the missing links to WHY it was weakened in the first place. This means more touching areas! More questions! We are noisey. We like to know EXACTLY what is going on in the brain, body, mind and soul to be able to give you the answers and solutions to your symptoms, pains and / or niggles. 

We have all the information, and knowledge to what to ask, where to go to access different pathways and how to reboot them! But we would be lost if it weren't for your brain / subconscious answering with yes or no to what exactly is going on. That's our investigation, we understand a weakness will occur due to something that is broken needs correcting. The investigation often involves a lot of trial and error; a lot of questions. Is it this area, is it this gland, is it this joint? What has caused this symptom? And you guessed it - your brain / subconscious will answer what it is not understanding and where the reset is needed. Investigation is essential - why? 

When we investigate we are literally able to tell you were exactly the issue has occurred from. It is not just in being able to give you the answers and solutions BUT giving us the information to note that we should not have to correct through that area again. YES, we do not repeat ourselves, we should not have to correct or reset, or reboot the same gland, area, joint (wherever the issue is) again. One reboot with that circuit through that underlying cause should never be a problem again! If for some reason this comes up again, we look at traumas or lifestyle changes that may need to be adjusted to reduce the stress to the circuit affected. This is very very uncommon (1 in 1000). 


Just Questions and Answers?


There is education and knowledge behind our questions and answers we investigate. Many of the beginning guides we test are working through the strength of your subconscious and overall sense of wellbeing. This allows for no difficulty in gaining answers from your brain / subconscious. It works through releasing and allowing strength from geopathic stress. This is what stresses we can pick up through the earth and our environments around us. We cannot always control what does and doesn't affect us, but keeping grounded can defer the geopathic interferences from affecting areas in your brain, body, mind and soul. When we touch, we are working with your Post Central Gyrus, your sensory system for touch. This beauty talks with your central nervous system and your neurological circuits in the brain. It discriminates where you are being touched, the pressure of the touch and the texture. You will notice in a Treatment that although no touch is painful and should never be, each can be slightly different and in a lot of different areas. This is to alter our communication with the Post Central Gyrus. Essentially we are talking to the Post Central Gyrus, waiting the answer (not too long, 0.5 seconds ha!), which is from the Central Nervous System. Your power of your whole being, the king pin, or the queen in your system for that matter! 
So in short. We touch to ask questions, we get answers, we find the underlying cause and we resolve! 

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