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How did Motor Neurone Disease become the link to the Neurological Integration Systems, for us at Neuro Touch? Not only is it the legacy of Stubby West, but more the foundation to what NIS has to offer. If you have not heard of MND before and unsure why this seems to be the world’s most cruelest disease, here is a couple little facts to what it does. 

  • MND is where your neurones of your motor sets slowly or quickly die away, never regenerate, are never recreated 
  • MND is where you loose the ability to speak, swallow, breathe and eventually keep your heart beating. 
  • MND is a terminal illness, lifespan after diagnosis is commonly between one to two years. 
  • MND affects all muscles within the body, the muscles around our arms and legs, and all important organs.  
  • MND usually does not affect mental capability; you are usually of sound mind as your body wastes away. 

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With Dad’s diagnosis of MND, he was given two to three years to enjoy the rest of his life at the age of 46. Now Dad was one of the most stubborn men you would ever come across; at this time we were absolutely stoked that this was his strongest quality! He had the determination and at first the strength to do all he could to keep MND from taking his life. Unfortunately it did in June of 2019, at the age of 50. A lot of time was robbed, but he did leave us with an awful lot of laughs and lessons learnt. With NIS being one of them. 

Through Dad’s stubbornness to bet MND, he was lead to the treatment of NIS. The main treatment that we work under and what built Neuro Touch to be what it is today. So how did NIS help Dad? Did it help Dad? Briefly to state, there was multiple treatments and plans that Dad was on to help with the progression of MND, and it may not have just been the use of the NIS system, but it was one that contributed to helping him through the upheaval he went through. 

NIS works specifically on your neural pathways, your neurone connections and the strength of these connections throughout the brain.  Simple, it works with the aspect that MND kills off, works wonders, you would think?! NIS is a treatment where we specifically work with your neural pathways, those neurones that MND doesn’t allow regeneration for. We work with these circuits so that we can enable these to be enhanced and active! Working with this disease is an exception to reconnecting the same pathways over and over. Due to the weakness within the motor neurones, we do continually reset the same pathway over and over, the brain is slowly losing connection to the muscles. As a practitioner we focus on respiratory, digestive and cardiac system - pushing these to the limits to enable strong connections all the time. Muscle fibre correction is needed to every single muscle of the muscular system to enable the fibres to be active. It is as if each time we are reintroducing the brain to the muscles and systems to optimise what functioning is still there. 

The only downfall to this system is that it cannot work on neurones that are no longer there, MND destroys your neurones one at a time, until there are none left through your motor centre. Here is our limitation, we can strengthen and work with those neurones that are still working, that are communicating with the brain, but once they are gone and have not been regenerated, the brain simply does not register to your respiratory or other systems. But with NIS I was able to constantly work with clearing the pain Dad would experience in his muscles (until those last 2 months), keep his mentality strengthen, and I think quite simply to have someone there that could help him and give some peace to working with his subconscious that he no longer had control over. In Neuro Touch he left a legacy, he left us with a treatment the determination to keep helping others and give back what we can. I will always wish for more time but am forever grateful for what Dad has given me. 

At Neuro Touch we give back to those suffering from a terminal illness every 3 months. If you would like to nominate a family or learn more about what we have done, check out the link below. 

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