Muscle Testing 101: How It Works!

“How are you going to fix this?”

“Where is this information coming from?”

“How do you know what to do?”

Anything and everything that is done through Neuro Touch is done via Muscle Testing (or a crystal form of the matter). We are not testing the strength of your muscle, this is not a competition of strength or for you to feel weak, no muscle testing hurts. If it hurts, it is not a test. We are using your arm (mainly, sometimes leg or fingers), to test the truth in a question or technique.

So you all know how a person who cannot hear will use sign language to communicate right? Well, for us to understand your subconscious and where your brain is calling out for help. . .  we use muscle testing. Its a simple form of sign language, if you like, that shows us yes or no to what we are asking!  Of course only in strength or weakness, in yes or no, there is no in-depth conversation to be had haha!

NIS and Muscle Testing

I first came across Muscle Testing when studying the Neurological Integration System, well I thought was the first time. Upon learning this WICKED technique I realised that my Osteopath would use it, Naturopath and I had come across it with a family friend too!

So in terms of my study in NIS, there is this testing you can do and simply get the answers from the brain to why there are things occurring that you cannot control. You know that snoring habit, aching knee, poor memory, digestive problems and other niggly, pain in the butt things!

Is muscle testing fake? I’m sure everyone is waiting for this witchy-poo lady to be called out on her techniques. But no! Not today anyway! There is only two outcomes of muscle testing; Error and Result . When a muscle testing is performed with an intention or desired outcome then the answer that comes from muscle testing  will be wrong. I cannot go in thinking that, “Yes, this back pains coming from the vertebrate in the middle of the back”, because then yes it would show. But this is not correct. This is an error when bias and intentions are set for a specific answer.

That simple, you cannot fool a muscle test. When muscle testing is address with neutrality, with question, with ‘please kind brain show me how to fix this’, then results will occur. All because the subconscious would have shown the practitioner where to go to clear the symptom that has occurred and enable full functioning! In a simple pain free way!

In scientific sense, I use muscle testing to understand where there is a disconnection in a signalling loop to the brain and different areas of the body. When there is a disconnection the muscle test will fall weak, when there is a connection the muscle test will show strong. When the brain is confused by an indictor that should be connected with your body systems, organs or brain areas this will lead to symptoms and a weak muscle test. As practitioners, muscle testing shows us how to integrated this disconnection to enable full signalling across the whole body. A muscle test is the brains reaction to a signal. Your light won’t shine while you read your book if the infuse is blown or if the wire has come out, will it? Muscle testing is like my electrician for your body’s functioning! 

Emotional Clearing and Muscle Testing

We again use muscle testing to determine what emotions you have trapped, why they are trapped and how to release them! This ability enables us to work with your subconscious mind, to access the archive of emotional history and clear the negativity that no longer serves you. Well, NEVER did serve you.

Through questions we can understand why you are hard on yourself, why you may struggle to control certain emotions or why you just can not find your balance. This process can be as closed book or as open book as you like it to be. Yes we will know the emotion and can give you as much insight as possible for you to remember why it was trapped, but we do not have to share the why. Think of the why and we can test if it is linked to the emotion or not, all through communication with your subconscious mind with. . . you guessed it! Muscle testing!!!

With Chinese medicine principles we can clear the negative energy that has become trapped from these emotions. BUT not without muscle testing to help us determine exactly what and why so you can live your best life!

Muscle Testing Beyond EC and NIS

Neuro Touch endorses certain supplements, minerals and healing options within practise. BUT this is not without giving you the best information on use that is specific to your needs and your body’s. We will always test a supplement to know if you need it, when you need it and how long you need it for. All this information taken from muscle testing you and this supplement; your body knows when it can best utilise a mineral or healing tool, how long it needs it for and whether it is actually beneficial. We will never sell you or recommend anything that you do not need or is not required by you!

Muscle Testing and You!

Everyone has this ability to muscle test! There are multiple techniques that people have been using for centuries in alternative medicines and simple home health. Do you ever wonder why your stomach bloats? Why you are anxious? Have multi-close ended questions but do not know whether the answer is yes or no? You can awaken this ability in you, you can use this ability to be able to take control of your life!

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