Muscle Testing + What Is NIS

So, now we know what muscle testing is… Why is it essential to a treatment? What does it enable us to achieve? What can we do with muscle testing?

Okay, so we've been through what muscle testing is which I'm hoping a lot of you now understand a lot better than before. So why exactly do we need this tool, to answer this we really need to know…

What is NIS?

The Neurological Integration System’s treatment is a scientific based system work with. So our Principals work along with your neural communication Pathways.  On the emphasis that the brain determines optimum function of all body systems. The brain is the gateway to control the signal to every cell in the body and muscle testing the tool to enable if the cell signals are optimised or not. We work with your Post Central Gyrus using tapping so that we are able to correct directly with the brain and, directly with your nervous system. This tapping is on the left and right side of your head. Your Post Central Gyrus discriminates between to your touch receptors, where we are being touched, how hard the pressure applied is and the different textures as well. Touching different areas on the body triggers different communication pathways.

So if I take you back to science class you remember that little action potential graph that would have the lines that jump up and down, flatten out. At the up this is where the touch is activated and then following that the communication is sent around. So by muscle testing that is literally determining whether the brain knows that neural circuit we just activated, and then from there we are able to go through and correct it. By simply going to touch different areas of the body again which is specific to glands, organs, systems, cranial nerves, joints and more! So there is literally three easy steps touch different areas, muscle test, and then tap but along the way we do go straight in and investigate what exactly is going on.

For example could be activating your immune system by using one of your key components your thymus at your chest, which turns on all your fighting cells and then touch along your head. If your muscle went weak this would show a weakened immune system, but why? We go through and investigate which gland is causing the weakness and then we correct! It's like a filing system. We activate your immune system through specific points, work out what exactly is going on, if that was weak, it could be with your thymus so that to me is telling me there's no warrior cells going out and fighting them off the baddies, for your immune system. That could be A you're getting tired all the time or B you're constantly getting sick. So then we go through and correct your immune system. So it's literally one filing cabinet opens up another file to then show us how to correct this issue and this is all done through touch and muscle testing. And with tapping we are sending all those neural communication feedback straight through your nervous system, through that motor sensory loop.

So, I hope that that has just given you a little bit more clarity on how exactly are treatments work what it entitles and just how pain-free non-invasive because it's never a hard touch, if anything hurts then something is wrong and we stop. Treatment should never be painful and should be insightful for you!

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