Neuro Harmony Treatments

You may be a skeptic, someone who is interested or the witchy-woo of the group that loves everything and anything energy and self healing. Whatever it is, this works. Working with your energy will work for you, whether this is straight away or on-going healing; it works! 
Everything in this world is made up of energy. If you removed all the energy from the world's entire population, we would all fit into one cubic metre squared. Even then, I cannot comprehend the energy of ourselves and beings around us. You can simple understand it as a smile. If you walk past someone who smiles at you, I beat you $5 you smile back! It's hard not to. It's like feeling something strange, to turn around and see someone staring at you. We pick up on energies, emotions and thoughts of people throughout the whole entire day, our whole lives. We have just become so use to it that we often don't refer to it as the energy we pick up on. It can be a subconscious reflex that you don't even think about. 
So what does this mean when working with Neuro Harmony treatments? 
Through Neuro Harmony we work with three different areas of your energy within your body as a complete whole. There is work with your energetic self, body and neurological clearings. We incorporate all together as it is not just one more than the other. We want to look at your body, mind and soul as a complete, not parts. 
With energetic self we are working through the negative energies that are trapped as emotions, thought patterns, mindset controls, and other factors that influence our feelings and behaviours. These energies can be trapped with us for years, be from conception, birth, early years, teen years, and up! We cannot always control what negative emotions or mindsets we hold onto. These just become trapped within us due to the situations, circumstances and internal / external stresses at the time. But having these trapped can then control our emotions, how we think, how we feel, how we process what is going on in our lives. It's where we can get those feelings as though we are lost, ungrounded, not quite ourselves. And for most of us we know it, but we just don't know what to do about it. We clear it. We work out the emotion, the mindset control; the age it was trapped and remove it from your body, mind and soul. It's instant, the negative energy instantly removes, but the healing from the negative energy can take its time. Be patient with yourself. 
A lot of the time once a person has had these negative mindsets and emotions cleared they can find themselves in a neutral zone, not stuck but not free, a bit lost. I found this to be quite common and decided to do something about it. Not only do we work through clearing the negative but we also work towards rebooting the positive mindsets and emotions that may have been lost. We recover the good feelings and thoughts to make it easier for you to feel this way. 
With working through your body and neurological negative energies we are processing old toxins, pathogens, medicinal factors, environmental influences, lifestyle, nutrition, pregnancy, birth, gland, joint, muscle, chakra and so many more factors and functions of the body and brain! Yes these are still negative energies. The toxins, pathogens and substances alike all have an energy to them as we do, at times when we go through pathological, physiological or similar traumas; the issues left behind or energy left behind can cause havoc in our body's and neurological systems. These energies can literally block the neurological circuits and body's functioning. You may find yourself exercising, eating well, taking supplements and doing all you can to be the healthiest you can and not quite getting there. These negative energies can be to blame.  
If you are interested in learning this for yourself or training to bring to your own clients, find trainings courses here

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