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So I am sitting here trying to work out how to reach more people that need help with their health, or people that don’t need that they may need help. How can we share our message, how can we show people that we want to listen, we want to help, we want to give you the solutions. 
What is that people seek the most? Is it simple good health? Or is it to understand their health? Or just to lay back and be fixed… To be honest with you it is most likely a combination of all of the above. Unless I really am wrong in my understanding ha! 
Neuro Touch is here under the premise of our empathetic guide - to listen, give solutions, give explanation, share all our knowledge and expertise to motivate and create change to reset. I am here to help, I know this. Not many people know their purpose in life, or feel as though they are on the right track, but I know my purpose is to help. To care. To motivate. To Love. 
But to my issue. 
I went on a little googling spree. Googling words like “good health”, “be healthy”, the “How to’s”, the “what is’s” and more… But I am feeling that people are searching, they search for the specific issue, or condition, or disease, or illness. Not many are high in the searches for prevention, or how to be healthier, or how to lead a healthy life, or what changes to make to be healthy… 
So then the next issue, what is the biggest issue? I feel I have narrowed it down to pain, to fatigue, to self worth… Every one is tired, everyone is sore, everyone seems lost; or at some point has been. 
But, do people then label themselves with Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Pain Syndrome??? Or does / has the doctor done this for you. Do people prefer labels or no label? 
Then you get people searching “Chronic Fatigue”. 
So you could say my searching of what people are looking for in terms of their health, just lead to a series of more questions and not a lot of answers. Probably similar to those who are searching for the fixes to their issues *face palm*. 
Then maybe what I need to do is list EVERYTHING we can help with, or the list of what we have helped with? Should I start? … Chronic Fatigue, Chronic Pain, Endometriosis, Bowel Cancer, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Adenomyosis, Infertility, Pancreatic Cancer, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Carpel Tunnel, Mental Fatigue, Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Concussion, Brain Injury, Paralysis, Fibromyalgia…. And you can almost bet that there is many more. 
Does this help people? Does it give others reassurance that we understand their conditions? 
Okay, now my turn! 
See it doesn’t make sense to me, it is somehow assumed that because we have worked with one illness or disease or specific issue, that we know exactly how to solve them all. Because truth be told, we don’t. If you walk through the door saying you have Endometriosis, have read my own story and know I have passion for working with hormones and know I will help… I love the enthusiasm! But I don’t know where your Endo has originated from. You could have all the same symptoms as me but none of the same issues arising in the body. I can give you the answers, eliminate the pains. But I can guarantee, the same work I did on myself, would not be 100% the same I do on you. Why? 
People face different traumas throughout their lives, they inherit different stresses, different system weaknesses and no two make ups are the same. We all know this. Yet a lot of the time we still assume because one thing worked for someone else then it has to work for us too. Then what happens? 
We get frustrated, frustrated trying so many things, angry that we are still in pain or battling to live through the days activities… Everyone needs answers, and solutions. Everyone needs good health. And Neuro Touch is a step into this direction. We can be answer to all the google searches for pain, stress, depression, coughs, and anything random that may be occurring. The “HOW TO” gain the answers to your health problems… 
Well, at least this is what I believe and the Practitioners I bring on know too. 

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