What is Natural Neurological Treatments

What on earth is NIS?!

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this question I’d be rolling in it!!

So what exactly is this ‘NIS’ that Neuro Touch works with and eliminates poor body functioning? I am not going to lie, it completely amuses me the different ways that current clients explain what I do.

“She just taps you, silly!”

“What she does is, hold your arm, touch different areas and you’re all fixed!”

“She touches your brain!”

Or simply … 

“Umm….. let me find Paige?”


A simple way to explain this is that I re-connect your circuits to your brain to eliminate your aches and pains, or symptoms of poor body functioning. How? By accessing different circuit links through ‘touch’, confirming or declining the disconnection by ‘muscle testing’ and reintegrating by ‘tap’. 

What is the neurological system?

Our neurological system is what our brain co-ordinates ALL day, EVERY day. Through different cells, nerves carry messages from the brain to ALL areas of the body of ensure control and communicate throughout the whole body!

But what exactly are we working on?

Our body and brain communicates through action potential of neurological interaction within the body. NIS is a system where we, as practitioners, investigate the underlying cause of symptoms and complaints by isolating and correcting faults in the signalling.  We isolate these faults through touch, in activating specific signalling circuits. This is done at a cellular level to enable the body to communication to every cell, as needed by control of the brain. 

By touch we access different signalling points to ‘check’ what systems, organs, cranial nerves, brain engines, brain cortices and muscles are not congruent with the brain’s messages. By tap, we are re-integrating the signalling circuit through to the body’s nervous system to enable full utilisation of the system or organ under contact. 

Our brain is the action, processing, feelings, memories, subconscious control and more, to co-ordinate our every day functioning! Whether you are well, or in good health depends on the control the brain has over your body systems. Organs can change our lives, systems can disrupt our functioning, NIS gives the ability for the brain for change, for re-connection to the neurological system. 

Why are circuits broken?

Circuits are broken due to emotional and environmental stresses that occur around nearly ever day.

Viruses, infections and illnesses can cause disconnections of these circuits too. Our body and brain are able to work in congruent with each other when all signals are at 100% capacity, when a neurological, pathological, emotional or/and physiological stress occurs; a circuit can breakdown.

So life happens, stress comes and goes, but through NIS we can maintain a healthy body and perfect balance. 

Connections are instant! 

What can be found?

It is not a simple “Can you fix my back?”.  You would most likely get an answer from every NIS Practitioner “Um, I don’t know, but let me see what is going on”. You see, it is not as simple as reconnecting the circuits to your spinal column, it could reconnecting links to your bladder, due to the erector spinae muscle weakening if the bladder is not functioning.

Did I lose you?

Every muscle is linked to a specific gland, as is a vertebrate in the body. So not only can you find that you don’t breathe properly but you also cannot hold your shoulders back without causing some discomfort.

Your brain has all the knowledge and answers, we, as practitioners just have all the tools and qualifications to access this knowledge in a pain-free, non-invasive sense. 

What happens in a treatment?

Be comfortable, that is my main priority! Come in clothing that is comfortable, come in with an open mind, and come ready to hear the answers you have been waiting for.

We do not require a lot of movement with the body but some stretching to one side and the other may be required. We use you to help us access some points that are a bit hard. This can require putting your tongue on the roof of your mouth, holding your finger to your gums, clenching your teeth and holding a variety of areas on the body.

While we go through, what may seem, some really random points, anything that is brought to attention as a disconnection is connected again. INSTANTLY. The brain corrects at the speed of light, with all organs, all muscles, all tendons, and all body systems back in full capacity at a touch and tap sequence! 

So, why have a treatment?

You send your car in for a warrant, don’t you? You go to the dentist for a check-up, right? You wash your face every morning … I hope!

We do things in everyday life that are ‘check-ups’ or ‘maintenance’, so why do we not do this for our body and brain?

Your brain is literally sitting there with all the answers to why something is not working, it is screaming out for neurological treatment and help.  There is an answer to your nagging questions of why a symptom will not clear or why you are always feeling ‘blah’.

NIS can be the answer for you and give you the answers.  Come in for a re-wiring today!

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