Treatments with New Born Baby

Why I would treat my new born days after birth? No, before you get ahead of yourself, I am definitely not expecting a child anytime soon! Haha! So this blog just points out the common circuit breakdowns and inherited emotions that are found with children under 2 years old. Give an insight in to why I would treat my FUTURE new born baby within days of coming into the world… 

What we have found affects new born babies and what stress their circuits already encounter in the first few days or weeks of life on the outside… 

They leave this little haven of safety, of attachment, of security. And are thrown into a world with no experience, literally. Most babies can handle the effects of child birth, can be screaming or even smiling their way into this world, but some can not. This is not always determined by how easy or hard the birth was either… Some nervous system are just more susceptible to stress (and then breakdowns) than others. So, in saying that, 67% of babies we treat are some form of breakdown through their glands important for nervous system control. This can show through poor sleeping, uncontrollable crying, poor recognition of people and seemingly to be unhappy. 

Of the children under 2 years of age we have found treatment needed for immune system response in 84%. 

87% hold genetic disconnections, this can be where faults in the genes have occurred meaning that the thymus may never have know how to work properly, or the stomach would just “wing it” for the next 80 years. This resets back to the glandular default setting, ensuring optimal potential. 

88% of babies have breakdowns linked to their digestive system 

100% of babies have inherited trapped emotions, unless both parents have had emotional clearing done - no negative emotions. And NO, you cannot just blame your parents for these ones either! Haha! Inherited emotions can date back 6 - 7 - 8 generations. I have personally release emotions going back 9 generations!!! We cannot control what we pass down or what we trapped, but we can get it cleared to enable living our best life. For lack of better wording we are ’stuffed’ from birth with these inherited emotions. They start the trend for more emotions to become trapped. See if we are already vibrating at some negative level - then we will attract more. Easy fix! Come and get them released!

And before you start fretting that all this could be going on, please remember that babies are only 32% of our client based. Know that symptoms linked to these circuit breakdowns may not even be present yet… yet. By giving a treatment and getting a full understanding of how the body and brain is operating, there is a strong link to living a better life, in the later years. Less chance of having that “oh Sh$%, my body is just breaking down” - in their 20s OR “old age hit me fast” - before they are even 50. We pride ourselves in being able to get people to live their best life, but to start young. Knowing what to do when you are young can only better your future! 

So watch this space! Question and quiz me to see how I go treating my future New Born Baby...

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