The Importance of mental health care: Breaking the stigma

The Importance of mental health care: Breaking the stigma
Taking care of your mental health is important as it is the fundamental component for all health, including physical health, and social health with others surrounding you. When we are lacking in one aspect of our health, specifically our mental health, it can affect many other areas of our lives, in terms of how we function at work, how we socialize and perceive things. When we put self-care as our primary focus and choose to fully value and care for ourselves. From my point of view and from what I
have experienced, it appears that everything surrounding us is beginning to improve.
Neuro Harmony is a great modality to support you in experiencing more joy in your life as well as balancing your nervous system and your connection within yourself and also spiritual/ energetic connections. Emotions are a fundamental role to many causes and effects in our day-to-day life, and when we are holding on to emotions from old events, this can affect our now events and affect how we respond to day-to-day life and stressful situations.
How does the emotion code within Neuro Harmony work to reset and release past traumas?
Releasing emotions can feel daunting to some, but with the emotion code its gentle and compassionate. I have personally found success with emotion code, as it directly identifies where in my subconscious or in my body I am holding on to an idea, or a thought that isn’t serving me. So...
What would your life be like without this limiting thought or belief?
How would you feel when you have released those emotions and now feel safe and secure? Feeling good in our body is something that we all desire for, and emotion code is powerful in supporting your wide range of systems. Emotions when not processed can be located and trapped in aspects of our body. They communicate
with us that there is something we haven’t been able to feel safe enough to process and I have found that they connect with the subconscious mind that there for once believed, can create a wide varied of systems, including chronic pain, depression and health issues. Neuro harmony treatments works by first connecting in with the person, and muscle testing or pendulum, to locate where the emotion is located, once aware of the emotion and where its located. Also to see if there are any attachments to the subconscious mind. After all this decoding we are then able to release the emotion. This can be very specific in terms of age, trauma and events that are trapped within the body. Through working with Meridian energy centers within the body, we can release this.
As a practitioner who works distantly, I find that I experience fatigue when releasing the emotions for clients, as I am connecting with their energy. This is a safe process however and once released, I have found for myself personally to experience upheaval, where I may need to be extra gentle and compassionate with myself while my subconscious and body heals from any traumas. As trauma can be held in our bodies even before we were born (preconscious), and we may have always
felt this was “us”, this is how we react, perceive or feel all the time. It can mean taking some time for self-care after a session and getting to know our new sense of self.
Unlocking your Emotional Blocks with the emotion code:
The benefit of releasing emotions is uplifting to your overall health and wellness and a feeling of purpose in your life. Feeling emotional freedom is an incredible feeling and it is one that we are all supposed to experience, it is our natural state. The approach I use to release emotional blocks is through muscle testing, crystals, and pendulum.
In my own life experience, releasing emotions has brought me more confidence, more social connections, and more trust in myself to be my full self, and carefully for my needs. If you are looking for support in releasing negative emotions as well as revitalizing and feeling more joy, love and connection within yourself, you can contact me via email, or book a session online through the Neuro Touch website. I am based in Dunedin, and work distantly to serve all who desire to feel emotional
Love and Freedom, 

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