The Neurological System Reviewed

We are Neuro Touch, we work with treating through the neurological system; we have Neuro Harmony established treatments incorporating your neurological system with energy clearing, AND we have Neuro Tools - the health tools to support your brain, body, mind and soul. So simply, we work with the neurological system, your neurological system! 

So what is the Neurological System? 

This is your body, mind and soul's command centre as it originates from your brain to control everything from movements to body functions, to your responses and behaviours. What affects this system is disease, injury, toxins and general stress - we need to be able to minimise this and/or strengthen our nervous system to cope with these better!
The nervous system affects every aspect of your functioning and overall wellbeing and health! Millions and millions of networks of nerves send electrical signals to and from the other millions and millions of cells. These signals get sent to glands, muscles, cranial nerves, cortices, brain engines and body systems across your whole body. The nerves in these areas receive information from the electrical signals to help your body operate, your mind process and you to understand the world around you. Being able to process the information helps to control your responses and behaviours literally and within your body systems. Its a road along roads to more roads! Making sure that stresses have not caused pot holes to affect any functioning. 
The nervous system uses the neurones to send messages along these 'roads'. It's these messages that help you to move, feel sensations, interpret pain, emotions. Be able to use your eyes, ears, tongue, nose to understand the world. All this information is relayed in your brain and different neurones interpret different signals, so we need to have all these working to 100%. Especially those that work automatically to control your breathing, temperature, digestion and heartbeat. 

How do we use the Neurological System?

Our Innate Neuro Guide incorporates the whole Neurological System, we use this every single day throughout every treatment we offer. How? Through Touch, Investigate, Integration and Change. Touching allows us practitioners to active your networks of nerves, to access the communication pathway, the 'road'. The sequences or series in which we touch in allow the access to the different neurones communication, we can investigate whether the communication is working, or not. That simple. One series of networks may be weakened, so we investigate what neurones are not working properly. Then comes the integration. By using a specific area of the head we can communication with the nervous system to reset the communication pathways to work to 100% again. Reset. Refresh. Reintegrate. And that is where the change comes from. Change through resetting enables the motivation to more health control and wellbeing with your life. 


 In what way do we understand this system?

This system to us is understood as explained by science and how this operates in throughout the whole body. This system allows us to activate and support your health and wellbeing as a whole. We are able to look into the underlying causes to your symptoms, niggles and pains. Not only does it allow us to access neurological circuits and neurone communications, but it allows us to assess the negative energies through the body also. Without the neurological system and communications, we would not be able to access the subconscious control to identify where negative energies are trapped within the body. It is through this 95% control of the mind, body and soul that touch again, allows access to communications to answers in energy work. 
I am sure through further research we will find more methods and modalities to helps us help you. To help work with the health and wellbeing of you and your family. Forever advancing in science, energy medicine and through our own work at Neuro Touch, working through clients for support. 

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