Understanding Trapped Emotions?


What does a trapped emotion mean? This is where a ball of negative energy becomes the size of an orange and begins to alter the state of our mental health through old emotions that have been experienced. So how does this happen? 

Firstly, we need to understand out electromagnetic fields… this is a field that every living thing has, it’s like our ball of protective energy around us that literally assists in protecting us. Not just for energetic compositions, but from bugs, radiation, environmental toxins and more! Anything that could encounter our body and alter how it operates, is protected by our electromagnetic field.  


But why, and when does this field fall weak? Literally, when we feel tired, it’s as if we are letting our guard down, our field becomes weakened too. It is attached to us and will operate on how we are feeling too. Sometimes we can come across certain things or people that can drain the energy from us and our fields faster than other situations. We cannot always control this. A good tip to look after your field is looking after yourself, wearing or holding crystals or magnetics, and keeping a positive outlook! 


So why do we trap emotions again? 


When we go through life, we have emotions, duh. These emotions can form energies, and a lot of the time these are good energies that we can carry every day and feel happiness, love, contentment and more! But sometimes when we got through traumas or emotional situations, we feel negative emotions. These can be as big as an orange! When we feel these nasty negative emotional oranges, sometimes our fields are weakened and strengthened again before we can release or pass on the negative emotions and so, it becomes trapped. This emotion for example, let’s say it was anxiety will then begin to control how you feel and result in more feelings of anxiety over others. 

What we do as practitioners, is we go through and clear all these negative emotions so that it is easier for you to feel positivity and release all the baggage! Imagine if you had 23 trapped emotions - you could be carrying 23 oranges of negative energy! 




Just to make things even more complicated with what energies we do and don’t have trapped. Is that you can inherit emotions too! These can come back from generations of relatives! So ever wonder why you feel sad but have no idea why? You could be carrying an emotion from a great great grandparent or from your mum! Just when you thought life couldn’t be more complicated. 

But wait, there is more! 

You can pick up emotions from other people too! You can pick up that a friend or family member is feeling depressed and then that emotional energy can become trapped in you too! So, we work out what the emotion is, who’s emotion it is, how old you were when it was trapped, and we kick that emotion out! Well in technical terms, we create an opening in your field to release the energy and strengthen your field again! 


That simple!


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