What does the Winter blues mean?

There are multiple reasons for having winter blues. In terms of neurological adjustment, this can be working with the Amygdala and Limbic brain. With Energy work, this can be from the cause of trapped emotions or idea allergies and intolerances. 


But first, let’s talk about the Amygdala, this is a segment of the Limbic system, that works off the thalamus (sensory regulation) and hippocampus (our present awareness). It is responsible for perceiving threats and danger and relies on other centres to regulate behaviour and sends impulses. These impulses go to the hypothalamus for activation of the sensory nervous system, Thalamic reflexes, facial nerves for expression and to activate Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Epinephrine. This area of the brain can be found to be smaller in those with depression, Alzheimer’s and unipolar disorders. Is defined as our emotional centre. The Amygdala works in a timeline, holds all our emotions and emotional experiences at chronological order within our brain. 


Now bear with me... what is the Limbic area of the brain responsible for? The Limbic system is the mental and emotional sector of the brain. The way the Limbic brain looks at life is in a non-linear way, there is no time. It perceives that every emotional experience is happening continuously, no matter how times the experience occurs or does not occur. The time can burst at any time and unexpectedly. The limbic system is compromised of the Amygdala, Hippocampus and Hypothalamus (stress parachute). It acts as the filter by which we determine the emotional stress of the individual and how it is affecting the body function. 


Within these areas of the brain, we have talked about the Thalamus, which is where all our sensory control is. How we perceive what we see, what we hear, how we feel, touch and more. I have talked about the Hippocampus, which is our present awareness, our short-term memory and how we can manage our thought patterns at that moment. We also talk about the Hypothalamus, this is the big brain engine, it is our stress parachute. This gland works with the Nervous System to help control our stress, sleep patterns, metabolism, appetite, circadian rhythms and so much more! All of these are essential in being able to understand the emotional and mental stress within the individual. 


So now, back to the winter blues. Although this can be specific to the wintertime, I often refer this to certain times of the year or month when a person may feel mentally and emotionally down. What happens is when we go through trauma and stress, we neurologically process this through the brain and our systems and important engines work through releasing the stress from the situation. If our brains cannot process the mentality and emotional side of a trauma then this can get lodged in our emotional centres. Hence the winter blues. Want to know why you always experience a decline in your mood or feel extra emotional the same time every year, or month? This is where your Amygdala and Limbic are replaying the emotional stress from last year, or the year before or 10 years prior. If these centres, with your Hippocampus, Thalamus and Hypothalamus during the emotional and mental stress situation and after, then our minds will keep replaying this stress. 


So, what do we do? We work with these regions, work out if they are communicating together to balance the mental and emotional stress. Then we also look at what glands or other engines they may be affecting. We essentially reconnect whatever has been disconnected to enable your centres to process and release. 


When looking into idea allergies and intolerances, this is looking into certain phrases that are synoptically lodged in the subconscious. These can effectively alter the way we think, and process through our emotional centres. An Idea allergy or intolerance is created when the subconscious mind makes a faulty or negative connect to an idea. This will happen during emotional or physical stress. The idea is then considered to be a problem and can cause a negative reaction in the mind and, or body. Sometimes these are created as protective measures or to associated imbalances that may already be in the body. For example, these can be idea allergies to; ‘being overwhelmed’, ‘having a support system’, ‘having energy’, ‘feeling at peace’, ‘making money’ and another 90 more! These then can control how we feel when we encounter these phrases, situations and sometimes persons. We can identify what the allergy or intolerance is and then we clear it!


There are multiple reasons to why you may experience winter blues, but we promise to work with your brain to help you identify where the imbalance is and reset it! 



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