You and Your Memory

So let's have a chat about our memories, and no not the stories. More the fact of whether you can remember and retain enough to have a memory! Now if you are my mother (and yes she proof reads my blogs), you are probably laughing that I am writing about helping others with their memory's when mine is horrific haha! Love you mum!
If you are me, you may explain that you just have too much going on in your head and can only retain so much. And yes, this could be the cause of the poor memory. But neurologically, the problem is your brain being unable to create new memories simultaneously. So for example, it can be when you get given five pieces of information you can only remember three. Sometimes you do have space for the other two but the brain is unable to process all that information at the same time.
Are you able to think in the moment?
Are you thinking too much past or future to be present? 
Is your brain too busy? 
If any of these things are occurring you are going to restrict how much your brain and memory can hold on to, can 'see' properly to be able to process and store.  This is when we get a lot of "huh", "sorry say that again", "oh no i didn't see that"... Many questions and confusions. BUT the other factor is that this may not be our fault, it could simply be that you have no control over how your brain thinks from one thing to another. Neurologically you may not be able to process all five senses at once, pay attention to more than one person. 
Another issue that we can discuss around memory is whether your frontal, prefrontal and premotor cortex are working well separately and together. These help us to understand different languages and words, help to enable our mind to process who, what, where, when , why and how. They help us to anticipate movements, events, languages, and works towards our co-ordination of not only movement, but communication and processing too. Being able to process all these together allows the brain to work within the moment and take on board EVERYTHING that is happening around you. 
Now you may thinking that you can understand language, you don't have a problem with communication or retaining conversations said... But your visual field could be letting you down. You may not be able to place where you were when someone said something, or being able to listen and communication whilst noting what is around you. Or you become confused which person said what. Our brain needs to be able to work on all those identifications and understand completely the who, what, where, when, why and how. This helps us to put a big picture together, rather than just snippets and having to scrape the bottom of the memory barrel to remember everything. 
Getting right into the neurological side of the memory, we can talk about the Thalamus. This works with all your sensory control; being able to process, understand and take in all senses at one time! And then... being able to co-ordinate these throughout your whole day! Thinking how you can move through a door. How to move from one task to another. Or being able to walk into a room and remember why you were going there! Can you co-ordinate yourself throughout all your daily activities? 
Whether you have relate to one or more (or all haha!), we can help you. We help you to help your brain to live the best health and wellbeing that you possibly can! 

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