Neuro Touch Health and Safety Protocol

Cleaning Protocol 
  1. Pillow case and/or towel changed between each client 

  2. Treatment table, desk and couch wiped down and/or sanitisation sprayed between each client 

  3. Door handles, waiting room couch and toilet sprayed at the end of every day.

  4. Crystal shelf and essential oils sprayed at the end of every day, or after each use.


General Health and Safety 

  1. Fire exit is at the door and meeting point on gravel driveway (for HQ in Kihikihi, please discuss with Practitioner of location in other areas for instructions)

  2. Caution wet areas on the decks and wood as you enter Neuro Touch.

  3. Hand Sanitiser at the door before you enter the Neuro Touch.

  4. Toilet and hand basin cleaned between each day, clients to spray down area after each usage. 

  5. Do not touch crystals or essential oils unless you are purchasing product, please ask practitioner first. 

  6. Report an accident or object concerns to Paige West within 12 hours of incident or situation that you have noticed - contact on 0277662511 or

  7. Each Practitioner is trained and informed with Neuro Touch’s workplace instructions to conduct treatments in a safe and risk free way.

  8. All products used in Neuro Touch are organic, pure and toxin free. 

  9. The Tool used in Neuro Touch treatments is an electric massage table, that goes up and down, or a step up table - if you have concerns over these please let your practitioner know. 

  10. Practitioners and clients are required to park all cars on the road and not in the clinic driveway.

  11. Take care on the stairs and contact your practitioner should you need assistance. 

  12. In an emergency please exit at the entry / exit door and follow the practitioner’s instructions. 


UPDATED 28th November 2021